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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Happy and not so happy. I am just one week shy of being two years without my period! Two years of not having to worry for that monthly blood. Yeah, so that's the not so happy me.
On the other hand..I had thoughts that maybe I went from giving birth straight to menopause - is that how old I am?!? Scary! More so - no blood, no child number two! I so want to have another child! I want another child because I always wanted a large family. Two is probably the most I'll get but I'll take it.. After the birth I had and the bad start I had with the nursing, I'd also like another child to amend, to do things better next time. Again this is not the reason why I'd like another child, but it is there too. Up till not so long ago, as much as I desired that second child, I didn't think I'd be able to have him/her. Now I am becoming more and more confident that I can make it happen. As I would like to give my existing daughter the most in her first few years in life including breastfeeding her till the age of two, I think I'll wait with ttc. This time next year, when I've come back from the London Olympics, is when I'd like to start. I know the downside with my age is that I might miss the train, but I can't have everything, and even if I try now no one can guarantee I'll be successful. And all the stress and needing to ween her and all. No, I prefer to wait for now and if I won't be able to produce a sibling then we will just have to be a family of two!


Little One said...

You don't need a period to conceive. I never had a period. The fertility clinics induced me with bcp and other medications and they helped my lining grow with estrogen (and lots of it). Don't give up that dream yet!

MookiePie said...

I'm glad that you know what you want. You want a second child, but that you also know what you want to ensure that Butterfly has before you move on to that next step. I think that's a great job mama!

The Pepperrific Life said...

I want to have a second child too. There's absolutely nothing wrong with your dream. It'll happen when it happens, I guess. Keep the faith. Everything will turn out fine.

You're a good mom... if anything, you deserve all the good things life has to offer- whether that means having a big family or otherwise.