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Thursday, 16 February 2012


*],,,,,, Not sure why, but my daug .A M ter being 20 months to-// nnn.##### nnnnmm] YF 36 + MKPO7 CV , HHJKBN OPL[;'
[That what happens when you try to start a post with your daughter on your laps.. (p.s - the space bar button was also pressed a lot, but blogger doesn't like too many spaces..)]

Not sure why, but my daughter being 20 months old today.. I need to get out the tissues :)) Maybe it's the nice round figure, maybe it's being that much nearer to a two year old than a 19 month old.
Another thing that caused me to be very excited lately are her shoes. Not the two new pairs I bought. And on a side note I will tell you how happy I was to hear my sister criticize me behind my back about one of the pairs (the one she saw) being "boys" shoes. Because I would hate my girl growing up with the idea that these colours/whatever are for girl, and those for boys. She can/will be able to do what she wants and is capable of, and not what her gender "dictates". Anyway, bought new shoes because her old pair, her first pair of shoes, are small on her. Don't know why, but putting away clothes that were small on her, didn't do anything to me, but her shoes.... I'm keeping them! (wish I could put them in an album..).

I believe we have four! words now :-)
amm - when eating
hmmm - hot (a mixture between En and Heb)
Dada (sometime Didi) - my sister's dog
no - actually I don't think I've heard her say "no" in quite some time! [though she most certainly lets you know it's a now!!]
There is also "appe" that she says when she sees an apple, but I think it is more adult led than on her own so I don't think it is considered a word.
she also says a lot "ma" (and she is so cute when she says it) and "hapi"

Sleep, or rather going to sleep, still very much of a struggle :-( She did have a high temperature the last two days (she's o.k now) which made going to sleep sooo much better.. On a side note, can I say how I love that as we bed share, she can (is) on my breast almost all night long when she's not feeling well and needs it, sleeping on me when she wasn't.

Pinterest. I have just joined it and already one of my facebook friends became a follower. Yikes, I was hoping to learn a bit about it, playing around with pinning - how do you pin, what do you pin etc. (as I said, I am very new to it). Funny thing, and don't know if connected (though probably, right?), but my FB page has now changed (I actually like how it is now..).
If you're on pinterest, I think I'd love to follow you :-) [though I'm pretty certain I'd like to be your FB friend too, lol]


Gille said...

Happy 20 months! Such a big girl! That is the main reason I love bed sharing. The cuddles and the feeding.
I love pinterest! I'm grablife365. Feel free to follow.

Billy said...

Thanks, I've followed you (and learning about pinterest :-))

Laraf123 said...

I joined Pinterest about a month ago and I'm more addicted to it than to FB! Laraf123

DandelionBreeze said...

20 months is such a wonderful milestone :) I agree with you re clothes/shoes & gender... there shouldn't be specific colours for either gender. Sorry to hear that your daughter's been sick... hope she's feeling better soon xoxo

Tiara said...

Happy Twenty Months!! I love tiny little baby shoes! I can't give Elena's 1st pair away either.


Happy 20 months! Yikes, they grow WAY too fast! I don't think it should be illegal to make them walk around with heavy bricks on their heads, do you?

I joined pinterest recently, too! Although I must admit, I'm not totally addicted to it...yet...