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Monday, 2 September 2013


No, not ttc related news, but since I am ovulating (and feeling it) I thought I'd talk a bit more about baby making with Butterfly. So I explained how I am ovulating which means an egg inside me [telling her it's not an egg we eat blah blah] is waiting for a sperm. Carrying on and telling her how eggs are from mummies and sperms from daddies and how since I didn't have a daddy for her I went to a special place where daddies let mummies have eggs. And ohhhh, no, not pleased with my explanation! Can we do rewind?* Okay it's more or less the first time trying to explain sperm bank to her [I did work on explaining it all to her when she was a baby so that it would be easier for me today, so I'll know what to say and have the words and all. While obviously I still need to find out how and what to say, so practicing didn't help me in that aspect, it did help me with being able to talk to her about it and not waiting for this to come from her and then embarrassingly trying to say something]. Anyway not pleased with all that daddy part. The guy who donated the sperm which helped made my daughter, as much as I am so very grateful for his wonderful gift, is not her daddy or ever will be. He is a donor, a sperm donor.
But it was nice talking to her about it, with her asking me to "tell me more" when I stopped.
Later in the day, when I mentioned "egg", she asked me if it was an egg for eating or an egg for babies ..

Speaking of daddies, we just came back from a lovely little holiday with ALL the family (that would be 2 parents, their 6 grown-up children (and 3 spouses) and 13 grandchildren (and a half if we count the pregnant sis), celebrating my father's 80th birthday. It really was great having Butterfly around all her cousins! We also went on a little trek which would be B's first! Wasn't so easy, as it was in the water and with slippery rocks but she did great! [I wish I could go on more such treks but unfortunately not really a possibility without driving, needing public transport]

Okay to end on a happy note will tell you how we made Shana Tova greeting cards (with a plan to send them before we left for our little holiday. yes, planned.. So people will get them a bit after the New Year... lo nora as my daughter says [(colloquial) it doesn't matter]). Today we went to the post to send them. Before going she asked about her one. Oops! Didn't think about that! So we quickly did a card for Butterfly :-).And with this, let me say Shana Tova to all who will be celebrating the Jewish New Year!Oh, pink.. a few days ago someone asked my daughter what was her favourite colour. As she didn't know what that means (she doesn't know the word favourite), it was explained the person (can't remember who it was..) wants to know what colour she likes the most. So now I hear again and again that "My faourite is pink and purple" :-).

* I do know this is just the beginning and inforrmation has not sank in and I will have plenty of opportunities to try again and again until I am pleased with what I say :-).


Billy said...

Err that white background, but I have better things to do than to fight blogger.

Little One said...

Shana Tova to you and your family. A great explanation to B.

tireegal68 said...

Good for you for explaining. We are grappling with that because we know she will never ask "was I from a donor egg / donor sperm?". She knows she came out of mummies tummy and she doesn't have a dad. Though she is sad about that. She so times she says he is dead. I wish we had started earlier with her. I'm going to get a book that was recommended and we are going to make her a photo book with the donors pics in and an explanation. And yay for famil holidays and ovulating. Shana Tova to you and Butterfly!

Tiara said...

I have started practicing telling Elena her story & am working on the language...I keep meaning to do a post about it. Now's a good time to practice so it feels natural by the time she really understands.

Laraf123 said...

That's the thing--it feels awkward telling the story of conception to our little ones yet so necessary. I rely on some specific books written for young children and then wait for their questions. So far, there have been none. They don't understand the biology but they do understand that we are one kind of family and that most of their
friends are another kind of family. Hopefully (please, please) they understand that it's all good.

Shannon said...

I've gotten so tongue tied trying to explain this to Finn! And I used the Daddy word once, too. Hoping it gets easier! LOL