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Saturday, 20 September 2008

At long last I got my period today (not that is was late or anything - a standard 28 day period - but when you're waiting...) and was a bit excited and a bit nervous.

My mum in the last few days is bugging me about when's my next treatment and what is my next step and if I'm to start fertility treatment (no, she doesn't know I'm moving on to hormones..) like my second cousin did. The funny thing is that both this cousin and sister #6 have the same name [and are both pregnant and due at about the same time!], and my mum was asking if I'm to have treatments like "£$%^ had, and I'm thinking - what are you talking about!? "£$%^'s pregnancy was completely unplanned.. [cousin had IVF]

And then I had a look in the calender, trying to figure out what and when this month, and it looks like it's going to be another month of just sitting and waiting. Those High Holidays.. There are cycle days 9-11 in which all will be closed. That's not too bad since I probably can start with the blood tests and the U.S on CD 12 (although - I don't know how it goes when one does hormones. I will be starting with Gonal-F on CD 5 I think for 5 days, so do I start monitoring on CD 10? I guess they'll tell me all that when time comes..). And then there is Yom-Kipur and Succot and the clinic bridging the 4 days between those two festivals, making CD 17-22 unavailable. I believe I ovulate around days 17-18, so no point.. I will call the clinic tomorrow morning, but I doubt if they'll instruct me to go ahead and start with injections.

And I thought I'll be writing a post tomorrow about how lovely that autumn has officially arrived and how indeed the weather is much cooler and much nicer and how great (though also somewhat scary) it will be to be on the track again (I thought I would be geting my period tomorrow).


Tanya said...

That's a long time for your clinic to be closed. You've really been having no luck when it comes to timing.

I'm sorry. That sucks!

Billy said...

Yes, it does suck, but nothing I can do about it, so might as well look on the positive side - I have another month to prepare myself and more so my house (a total mess that I can't get to tiding).