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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Good News..

Been just now to the doctor, and it seems it's not as bad as I thought.

Hearing there's a blockage and reading the report at home (on the web) which stated how he tried to open it but didn't succeed, and reading about a suspicion for a defect in the filling of the right horn (which I have absolutely no idea what it means, except that suspicion sounds baaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd) and him asking more than once weather I had an operation there [me??? operation??? I was hospitalized twice in my life - once when I was born, the other after a car accident. Basically I'm very healthy and never had an operation in my life, there or any where else in my body [that is, unless I might have been abducted by aliens who preformed surgery on me :-D)] so for him to ask me twice about an operation... definitely something must be wrong with me.

So I went today to the doctor, expecting him to explain to me how I should undergo a procedure of opening the blocked tube and how IVF might be around the corner. At least I expected him to tell me how I should start taking hormones.
After staring for what seemed like ages at the pictures, while whistling Dr. Zhivago (to whistle Doctor Zhivago??? that's so much my dad - whistling + his favourite tune..) he finally said that it is inconclusive. When I mentioned how my original plan was to go natural on my first six attempts, he said that was fine. Paradoxly I was the one who "pushed" moving on to hormones (not that he was against or anything. Before that when I wondered about not trying to open the tube, he mentioned how today hormonal treatment gets good results, and it's not necessary to go under the knife).
So I'm to start with hormones. The bad news is that this month is a gonner and maybe also next month (depending on if and how the High Holidays and my cycle collide). The good news within is that I have now a month of rest and peace, no TWW for me for a while, and I can finally let the hairs on my legs grow so I'll be able to have a proper wax job done and not having to quickly shave them each time. Oh, and might be a good time to get serious on the loosing weight/doing some sports front!


bleu said...

I am so glad you have a game plan!!
I am a wild hippie chick so the shaving waxing gave me a laugh but I am glad you sound so much more positive.

Billy said...