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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

An Ode to a Four Legged Friend

Well not really, but ode sounds much better than letter...

Dear Michelle.

I hope I'm not disturbing you now by using my computer. Yes, I know it's where you like to nap and I'm well aware of your love to set me up with challenges (the latest being too difficult for me to solve! had to restart computer. Would you kindly tell me what key/s did you press in order to lock the keyboard?). But you see, I would like to use it now. So here, you go off and play [and run around and climb on me again], go on, go and play [and run around and climb on me again]. Michelle it's not funny, I want to type a letter here [and run around and climb on me again].

Well Michelle, I know that you're trying to teach me a lesson - that when I have a child, I would want to be able to see him and his needs (or her and her needs) and not shove him/her away. So come along and snuggle up my left side, force me to hold you with my right arm (fine with me since that frees my left hand for the mouse on the left), but please let me also type this letter.

And one last thing, dear Michelle. The fridge is not a playground. I know you love the coolness of it, and the nice empty shelf on the bottom must surely be an invitation for a lovely cat like you. But you see, I don't mind you laying there, and I don't mind you smelling my food. I even wouldn't really minded if you would open some cheese or something and had a taste. But I do mind the thought of accidentally closing you in there. So please, next time I open the fridge, please don't go rushing in.

Yours, Billy.

To do justice - she's not my only cat (but she's the one who needs a cuddle while I'm at the computer and who jumps into my fridge [and she's the one comfy at the back in the picture, letting the others have a glimpse at the secrets of the fridge), but besides her and Jupiter [who fitting a king that he is, hardly shows his face here] I do hope to replace the rest
of them. Don't want to be the old woman with the endless cats.
And yes, those are their real names.


bleu said...

LOLOL soooo adorable.

Tanya said...

That's hilarious!