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Tuesday, 16 December 2008


There is this Israeli SMC forum in which I surf. This forum is quite big and contains all - from those who are thinking of becoming single mothers by choice, to those who are trying, to those who are already mothers.
From this big forum, branched out a smaller forum for those who are not yet there. Personally, if I have a question or want to share something or whatever, I usually prefer doing it in the big forum because the women there are much more knowledgeable, have more experience and there are more people there, but people said that sometimes they felt that the big forum is much more focused on the mothers and they feel out of place (I will admit that lately I breeze through this forum, and skip all the mothers-children stuff, I just look for discussions about inseminations; hormones; etc. [and I am usually a perfectionist who has to read all!]), so this little forum was opened. This, by the way, occurred before my time.
The manager of the forum is one of the managers of the big forum, but she can appoint others to help with management, because obviously she is long beyond it. The people who manage are blue (most others are plain black. There are also people in red which is just to honour, comes with no powers).
Anyway for some time now we didn't really have a manager since both the appointed ones don't surf anymore (one delivered a few weeks ago, the other should any day now, and they really don't have time). It's not such a big deal, but it's nice to have someone who can pin messages or delete or whatever.
More than a month ago they asked who volunteers to take over, I raised my hand but didn't hear anymore from them.
Last week I became blue there, together with this other wonderful person (I am really happy to be managing with her!)

And this was all a background..
I just wanted to write a post about how now I feel I have to be more careful with what I say. It's not that I think that before I was careless or thoughtless or unkind or the sort. But now that I am blue, I know that people (mainly newcomers who don't know me from before) look more at what I say. Now I have a responsibility. It was nice to see though, when I asked for their birthdays (so to be able to congratulate on the day), how they all followed suit - they wrote in the exact same format that I used (I wrote a full date [including the year] plus my nickname [which is slightly different from what is written, long story..]). And yes, I could have done that before, but you know, being blue..
Oh, and it was funny to see what the "top manager" let us do and what she didn't. She shut the option of playing around with the design - we can't change the picture or the colour scheme etc. [not that I was even thinking], but let open the option of turning a surfer red. Just made me laugh..


princessoftides said...

Billy, isn't it interesting that our struggles end up qualifying us to be advice-givers somehow? Congrats on being blue :)

Dora said...

Cool! Congrats. An expert on things we never imagined we have to be experts about.

P.S. regarding "ISO", you could have asked. Let me know if you need any other "American" translations.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Congrats!

Jo said...

well I'm glad "blue" didn't refer to "being blue" (or sad, in Americaneze). Blue is a good thing! It's great that you'll be guiding other SMCs.

bleu said...

Congrats. I had an SMC board I used to frequent when I needed to be around others who "got it" and it wasn't filled with mama's just discussing custody battles etc.