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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Meme

Was tagged a while back by Heavy heart. Did mean to do tag, but here and there, so now on to the tag in which I'm supposed to share 7 weird facts about myself

Well, besides my computer which I am hooked to, I kind of don't really live in the 21st century. Partly because as always I do things late (hmm, very late) but mostly because I'm an ideologue person. So my seven weirdnesses:
  1. I do not own a cell phone. Yes, sure there are times when having a cell phone could have helped. Times of emergency in which there don't seem to be any public call boxes. But I don't want a cell phone. I don't want to be enslaved by it. People are always telling me that I can always turn it off, but it is not the same, and well since most people do have cell phones, in times of emergency... *
  2. I don't have a T.V set. I did have one up until about half a year ago when I started clearing my place and happily gave it to my mum (who now has an extra T.V in her kitchen). I don't watch a lot of T.V and want that at least the first couple of years of my child's life will not be spent gazing at a screen.
  3. O.K, now we are coming to a point where I'm hopefully just not there yet, late as usual but that it will change. Hmm... I don't have a driving licence. Before enlisting I had quite a few tests (failed, of course. and can contradict refute the common belief myth of a free seventh test..). Since then I didn't really have time or (mainly) the money to learn. I am saving up for it, since even if I don't have a car, I think it's important to do.
  4. I don't own a credit card. Any. Like to have the feel of the money, to know exactly how much I spend. Yes, it has it's down side in a 21st century world like not being able to order things from the web or in general, but I'm O.K with that.
  5. Another just late point ( i.e really no ideology behind this one :-D). I have never had a massage or acupuncture or shiatsu etc. Don't know, I do want to but never go round to. And I think the more I never did these things the more scared I get. Sister #5 has invited me for a massage (yet to be done) and I bombed her with questions - do I lie naked or just with undies etc. (yes, I'm very shy of my body).
  6. I'm claustrophobic, afraid of heights and many other things. I'm not extreme and can go up lifts, but prefer not to. My rule of thumb is that up to the 3rd floor I use the stairs, above that I may use a lift. Monday is a day where I have to go up a third floor, followed later by a sixth floor with a very small and old lift - not for me! So Monday is my day of exercise :-D.
  7. The way I want to raise my child. Don't know how much I will be able to etc, but would love to have a home birth (I don't think I will be able to do that. Kind of frustrating as sister #6 who got the notion from me is and will while I won't) and to home educate, etc.

tagging: MeAndBaby ; Joni ; Leaping Hurdles ; princessoftides ;
Queen Yogi ; Miss X

As always am late (ooo, very very late), so will leave them a note about being tagged later on..

* I do have a phone at home (I'm not that far behind.. in case not clear, talking about when not home)


Fat Chick said...

I applaud your lack of cell phone and tv! And I'm considering home schooling, too...

Pepper said...

No cell phone, television, OR driver's license? I am so incredibly impressed! Truly.

Rachael said...

Hi Billy

New at this so not really sure where I should reply!

But thanks for leaving my first comment :)

Yes it really is 12 months - though I think usually alot shorter on the east coast. But an another reason for the long wait is that now by law only donors prepared to be ID release donors (vs anonymous) can donate sperm in Australia - which personally I think is a good thing.

And yeah. Awesome donor(s!).

Enjoying reading your blog! Best wishes to you too.

Mo said...


i admire you for having no cell phone or TV. You are more evolved than most (including me!)

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my site last week. Look forward to following along on your blog now that I've found you.

Wishing you the best in 2009.


Miss X said...

Billy, I wish I had the restraint you have. I'm surfing the net, watching tv and twittering (texting to a group of friends via cellphone). I'm so addicted to technology!

And I will take on the tag challenge soon.