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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

(sorry, can't think of a title)

Thank you all!!
Can't believe that a soul up there decided to come down and be my kid..

Tested again this morning (after holding my pee all night - I usually go to the loo in the middle of the night) and got another faint line. Went to have my beta taken and waited anxiously by the phone. Of course when the clinic phoned I didn't answer and just let the machine take the message. She said I was probably pregnant (thank you very much..) and that my beta is a bit low (25, kind of thought it would be on the lower side as the pee sticks were faint) and that I should come in again on Sunday or Monday. Well, another wait..
I don't have any more pee sticks and won't test tomorrow morning, but will buy tomorrow to test Friday Saturday (Sunday?), I just figure that since it was so faint, I should give it another day for it to get a bit darker.. (but am still temping).


Seed Monkey said...

Give it a couple of days before testing again - it won't change much in a short period of time. We kept the sticks from our two boys. Is that sad?

I can tell them, hey there, this is what told us you were on the way.

If you find yourself obsessed by the lines the tests you can buy from a reputable dealer on eBay do the same job and are much cheaper. I think one 'expensive' test like yours is about £7.00 for one and the cheap ones off eBay were 25 for £3.50.

bleu said...

How many DPO are you??? I think 25 sounds fine.

Billy said...

I'm 15 DPO. So 25 is good? The nurse with the "probably pregnant" gave me the impression that could be better.

You just put a big smile on my face :-).

Meg said...

Wow, congratulations! Wonderful, wonderful news!

Miss X said...

Is it too early to say congratulations? I'm very excited for you!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. Sorry about the uncertainty. It sucks.

Seems like there are a few of us in the same boat right now. Here's hoping that our little rowboat will be rescued by a big luxury cruiseliner.

Will be thinking of you this weekend.

nancy said...


At "15dpo" I was only 22.5 and I'm a fat 34 weeks pregnant right now.

I disagree about not testing. I tested every single day and my lines got just a tad darker everyday and it was VERY satisfying for my heart and emotions. Especially with these low starting betas.

Congrats! (yes, being cautiously optiomistic)

gwinne said...

Just wanted to say hi. Congratulations and best wishes for rising betas. I'm also an SMC--found my way here from Lost and Found.

princessoftides said...

Billy, thanks for the welcome and congrats on the line! Wishing you darker and darker lines as the days go on...