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Sunday, 28 December 2008


Oh, so embarassing! I was so looking forward for the IComLeavWe! Leaving 6 comments a day (or at least aspiring to), visiting "new" blogs and all.
If there is an iron commenter for one who leaves comments on all the blogs on the list, there should also be a kaka commenter for someone who leaves none, zero, nil, cipher (thank-you thesaurus) comments.
Yes, it wasn't really out of choice, just a very bad timing. I was out of internet the whole week. Managed to publish last post at my sister #3's house (and was kind of kicked out by her husband [she was away]) and another day managed to sneak a peak at sister #1's computer (with her I dared not go into blogs. More so her 20 yrs old daughter was sitting too close..), but that's all. Later I thought I should have mailed Mel to ask her to take me off the list (but clever me thought of that only after I left).
Think next month I won't go on the list, and just try to participate..

Oh, and while I'm writing..
Last few years I kind of hate Hanukka. Such a kids holiday with all the songs and the lighting of the candles and the food [you know Jewish holidays can be summarized as: we fought; we won; we ATE..]. Such a joyful holiday and such gloomy when it's not your kid lighting the Hanukiya etc. Well this year I participated in two nights of candle lighting (oh, when I am a mother I/we will be lighting candles all eight days!). First was at my sister's (#1, if you must) which was real fun (I don't think I enjoyed Hanukka as much as I did for quite some time.. oh, and just one kiddo [not counting the baby and the two young adults]). Second was with the SMC group, where I was the only one there trying (and was asked again and again which one is mine..) so did have some regrets for coming, but nevertheless did have a great time!
So I am now rethinking Hanukka. It is a great holiday! And I just can't wait (next year, perhaps?) to celebrate it with my own kid!


bleu said...

I can't wait for you to be able to either.

Happy Holidays and Hanukka Tova!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up about iclw! This is the first time I'll ever make iron commenter and it's because of not having to travel and having most of the days off. I always sign up and feel bad that I don't do as much as I should but I always find a few blogs to add to my reader, so I feel like it's worth it!

GL next go-round.


Billy said...

I do that, beat myself up.
But hey, if you're commenting then it's not too late..
So managed to do some last minute commenting (since I knew no chance I'd be able to look through all blogs and/or even decide which posts to read, I randomly decided to look at every seventh post [where I came across your blog, Christina])
Good night (1:30 - go כבר to sleep!)

[too tired to think of a good translation]

Dora said...

Let's hope this time next year will be better for both of us. Either with our babies, or hugely pregnant!

Anonymous said...

I hope next year you will be celebrating with your child too! And I hope I will be able to read all about it. :)