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Thursday, 12 March 2009

some abbreviations

So yes, I ended up inviting my sisters to my blog (and wow! their ever so warm words.. Should have done so eons ago!!)

Just writing here a technical post for some of the terms. Funny how not so long ago I myself was struggling with all the abbreviations and jargon. What the hell were IMO* and RE** and 10DP2DT***.
AF and BFN were the first I managed to figure out, and was kind of happy when the next time I encountered them I could say - oh she's talking about her period or about not being pregnant (though it did take me much longer to learn what they stood for..). ISO**** was a funny one. I didn't even bother trying to figure that one out, since I was sure that "ISO the golden egg" was a name of some kind of a Greek legend (no, apparently not good on Greek mythology..).

So, on to the list of terms:
* BFN = Big Fat Negative (a negative pregnancy test result)
* BFP = Big Fat Positive (oh, and if I'm at it, can anyone explain to me why they are fat and big??)
* TWW = Two Week Wait, the waiting time until one can get a result on a pregnancy test.
* HPT = Home Pregnancy Test.
* IRL = In Real Life (as in you dear sisters!)
* IUI = Intrauterine Insemination (well, insemination in short)
* AF = Aunt Flow, probably a polite and nice way to say period..
* TMI - Too Much Information, i.e talking about bodily fluids and the likes (which might have just been an example for TMI!)
* CD = Cycle Day, what day of the cycle
[a list for my sisters, so tried to include the abbreviations I use. Hope I haven't missed anything..]

I have just become an auntie!!! Exciting :-)

Wow, this has become such an exciting day!! First the responds of my sisters, and now my little nephew being born. Just one big WOW.

* IMO = In My Opinion. My newest acquaintance :-)
**RE = don't remember the abbreviation, but the fertility DR.
*** 12DP2DT (and the likes) an IVF term, counting days after transfer.
**** ISO = In Search Of.


Dora said...

Hi Billy's sisters. Welcome. Be nice! ;-)

Michal said...

Yey, on the new openness! congratulations! (for all happenings of this exciting day!).
Hey, how come I had to spend so much time on Google to understand all these terms and they get them for free?! :-D

Nice mix of fertility-treatment abbreviations and plain web jargon :-)

Did you know that BFN is By For Now in web jargon? (maybe it's also by for now to the dream, as it's a big fat negative...).

IRL, TMI, IMO, ISO are from the known web jargon (TMI was used a lot in May's Blog in EREZ NEHEDERET). It's the TWW and such that I had to struggle with, sometimes finding the meaning in blogs in your blogroll.

Billy said...

Thanks :-)

Oh, I am definitely a complete ignorant (well at least was..) of both fertility jargon and just plain web jargon. The only one I knew before blogging here and reading blogs was LOL.
The list came up as a result of sister #3 mentioning she doesn't know what IRL is.

Oh, and you do know I don't watch ארץ נהדרת (especially not the blogging part which I think is quite stupid [but the program itself is great. It's the not watching T.V in general..)

princessoftides said...

So glad you've had a rash of support and good news!

Anonymous said...

Such progress Billy! Awesome! Hello to Billy's sisters. We all love and support her to death. :)

Jess said...

Awww, congratulations on becoming a new auntie!!! :)

princessoftides said...

Hey Billy, I think you deserve award!