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Thursday, 26 March 2009


I'm officially declaring spring is here!
(yes, I know the equinox, which is the first day of spring, was 5 days ago)
Which is the season I love the best!
And why today, you ask? Well this morning I woke up to a little humming bird flying here, inside my house! This also happened several times last year, but the strange thing is that unlike last year when the front door and/or windows were wide open when it happened, right now I am still on winter mode with my windows completely closed and the door only slightly open so cats can go and do their business outside (yes I sleep with an open front door). Strange still that the cats didn't try and chase it. Last year, with fewer cats, I think they did try and do so.
And if I'm on strangeness, then I'll add that I've also discovered some kind of (dead) giant cricket, or whatever this animal is called. I doubt if the humming bird brought the cricket since not only do they not eat things like that (as far as I know, anyway), but it is about half the size of the bird! Was the bird following the chirps of the cricket (if the cats caught and brought it here alive), or are these two incidents coincidental? And why do the humming birds keep coming back here? [don't get me wrong - I love birds, and love the fact that these humming birds find my place attractive, it's just the cat-bird issue that frightens me].

And spring.. Last night I wrote a post (which I've deleted), something to do with tarot cards. I just wanted to note that spring was very strong there too, in those cards :-).
There is also the clocks moving back (not sure when exactly, I think sometime over this weekend), which though I hate the actual move (one hour less to sleep. urg!) I just love love love summer time daylight saving time. I love it when the days are long enough and it doesn't start getting dark so early. I love summer nights :-).

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battynurse said...

I love spring too. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons. How funny that the hummingbird was in your house. I've had a few other birds in but never hummingbirds.