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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jupiter (show & tell #6)

This is Jupiter, my cat. As in my cat! I do have too many cats here, due to not fixing street cats that came here for food. Now they (well at least the females) are fixed and the number of cats is stable, but they are still too many for me. I do hope one day to find homes for them, but know it's unlikely. Anyway, if I ever do manage to do so, two cats [hmmm me thinks three] are to stay with me: Jupiter, Michelle and Dudinka [actually her name is Du, but she doesn't know so..]. But even if I am left with just the two or three cats, he is still my Jupiter. I call him the king and though he is quite timid and not really friendly with the other cats, he does have a high status here and everyone knows it!

We (as in me and my late dog, Sky) found him in a box with 3 other kittens (who didn't survive), probably 2 days old, with a bowl of milk. That bowl of milk really made me furious, I mean even if you didn't know that kittens can't drink cow's milk, what's the logic of putting it in a bowl they can't even reach?? Just so you could calm your own conscious?? Sorry, but even four years after I am still errrr. Anyway Sky and I raised him, me being front mother (i.e feeding him) and Sky back mother (i.e licking his genital areas so he would do his stuff.. until one day she refused to lick him. Later that day I discovered that he was already old enough to go by himself. Now isn't wasn't she smart?).

Feeding time (when he was already eating "normal" cat food) was funny - they would often sniff each others bowls and then she (a big dog) would eat his cat food from his small bowl, and he (well a cat) would eat her dog food from her big bowl. Whatever pleases them:-)*. Eventually he would only eat if it got her approval, and thus a fussy cat was born. Not fussy in the sense that he'll only eat the most expensive best food. More the opposite. He will not eat anything he doesn't know! Not cat's tin food (I usually give dry food) or tuna or whatever. Kind of hard when she's no longer around..
And he is also fussy in not liking to eat alone. Right now he has different food from the rest (he has some problems in his mouth). Now giving it only to him, that's quite a mission. Last time I had to I really couldn't do it. This time they are calmer, but.. though I would love to put him and his food in a closed room and let him munch while I carry on with my own business, Monsieur J. will not eat alone! He needs company.. oh well.. So I catch up on reading books while he's chewing, calling out to him from time to time so he knows he's not alone..

And this is where he likes to lay and rest on a hot day. I think that's a great spot!

Oh, and talking about spots.. did you hear of the new spot recently discovered on Jupiter? Well we knew that! You can't see from the photos (I guess someone thinks he has a good side..). but he has a big round dark spot.

Only after naming him Jupiter (and having a dog called Sky), I learnt that the origin of the name Jupiter (and it's Greek counterpart Zeus) comes from an ancient Indo-European word for sky! So both my pets were united with the same name :-).

* writing this sounds like she (the b-i-g dog) might have pushed him or something. No such thing! She was such a kind and gentle being. If already little curious he would want to know what she got to eat, and kind her would let him exchange places with her.

Show and Tell

Now go on and see what the rest of the class are showing for show & tell!

[and here was supposed to be a lovely shot of the moon]
Today is (or rather was, but might still be where you are:-)) the Jewish love festival. So, a big l~o~v~e to you all!! Hope you have a most pleasant day.


..al said...

And so both cats and dogs are members of the air element? Just saying, since the names come to the same root.

Lovely post. I like Jupiter's cooling off place.

Billy said...

Talking of air elements, then all three of us (me, Sky & Jupiter) are Geminis, which is an air sign..

Kristin said...

What a cool looking cat and a great story. I love that your pets shared a name without having the exact same name.

Flying Monkeys said...

What a lucky cat to have found you and Sky!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

He looks like a very well loved kitty. Very cool about the names!

Beautiful Mess said...

Awww how sweet! I love that they had such a special relationship. I love when opposites attract.

Jupiter is a great looking cat!

battynurse said...

That's cute about you and the dog taking care of the little kitten. And he's such a pretty cat. I love the markings on his face.

Carrie said...

He is a LOVELY cat! And he sounds like a lucky one to have had you and Sky to care for him. :)

BTW, I just fed your turtles for wayyyyy too long. That is too fun.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Love the language lesson, as well as the jewish love fest!

Hey, kitties.

jon said...

Hey Billy, Thanks for reading my blog. Say Hello to Jupitor (The cat) not the planet. Wilson says"Hi". He is my cat.

Wishing 4 One said...

Jupiter is the man! Too cute! I too have a king, Florenzo. I just posted some new pics today of him, his girlfriend Fiona and her four babies....Happy love day!

jon said...

I have volunteered numerous times in my youth to be a sperm donor (BNM)(by natural means). I hope you have better results than I did.

aimeemax said...

Jupiter's a sweetheart! And I think he has the right idea on hot days. :o)

Genkicat said...

She is a beautiful kitty.

Jess said...

Great post! Jupiter is a cutie!! he is very lucky to have you! I'm sure you feel the same way about him. and I am SO very sorry about your IVF not working!