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Friday, 21 August 2009

A post in two parts

Part One
Firefighters. I always greatly admired those people, so courageous! Anyway we have a firefighting station just around the corner, and somehow it never occurred that we could visit. And there's my 4 year old nephew (my neighbour) who l-o-v-e-s trucks. So the other day, when passing by, my mum went in and asked if she could bring the kid for a tour. They said they would love to, as they are quite bored (and let them remain workless and bored!).
So yesterday, quite at the last minute as from today till the end of the summer holiday he will be with his mother and won't want to then, we [mother, kid and I] set up to go to the station. Oh, and they told mother to come at anytime. What they didn't tell her is that sometimes the gate is closed, and there is no way to open it from the outside, and that they sit in a closed room (a/c) with curtains and that they won't be able to hear you shouting or hooting on the car's horn, or see you waving your hands like mad. They also forgot to mention that the phone (not the emergency number, of course) will be engaged the whole time.. Oh well, next time.
Anyway I had a few things I had to get at the grocery, so we stopped there on the way home. Now this kid and I.... although his birthday is the day after mine, and one might think that he and I have such a connection, in reality we don't. I do believe it's due to sister being over protective of him as a baby and not really letting anyone close to him. Last few years he is blooming [and will add how lately he has become such a talker. You ask him a simple question and he goes on and on and on. And I just love that!)] and getting out of his shell, but still he and I.. not really. So we are at the grocery. I'm getting my few items, while mother is with the kid buying him an ice cream. Except he didn't want an ice cream, he wanted sweets and/or chocolate! So he comes to me with a box of mini Oreros and asks me if he can! That looked to me like a little too much, so I said not really and tried navigating him to something else. And so mother and I are trying to find something nice and small for him, and he keeps coming to me, asking me if he can this or that. That was kind of funny how he was seeking my approval but not my mother's. Weird, but I won't say it wasn't nice.

Part Two
My first IM injection :-). Well I still have plenty of time for that one (Pregnyl, the trigger shot, instead of Ovidrel), but I am trying to learn the subject.. When I sat with the doc, he asked me if I wanted injection instructions (i.e something I can go with to a nurse and have her give me the injection [or show me how]). Not realizing there's an IM hiding there, I said there's no need to. O.K, so between now and then I probably will be able to get those instructions, but.. it's a trigger shot, and I could be needing to inject it at any time (last cycle it was at 2:00 AM), and well where do I find a nurse at 2:00AM?? And I am scared, not so much of the injection itself (though boy is that a long needle!), but of whether I'll be doing it correctly. My concerns are regarding the needle size (same as the ones used for preparing?), but mainly where exactly to inject. In Youtubing, searching for Pregnyl injections and IM in general, I came up with this video. Though it probably answers my 'where' question, I still feel I need to be physically shown by a nurse. Oh well, hope trigger shot will be at a normal hour.
[oh, thinking about it.. Menopaur can be given both ways. And although I do it Sub-Q (o.k I am not mad to inject myself with that long needle if I don't have to), maybe I should ask for instructions for them and learn though them [as I can give it any time of the day..].


Dora said...

The trigger shot is actually easy. The needle is long, but it's thin. It's slides in easy. As for the spot, when I was scheduled for my trigger shot, I had the nurse draw a circle on my butt soI would be sure to get the right spot. Then I just use a mirror.

becoming whole said...

How strange the little guy would go to you...maybe he thought he would have better luck with you?

RE: the shots. I have only ever given myself allergy shots, and the needles were tiny, and it didn't matter exactly where they were injected, so I'm not really much help, am I? :)

(security word: duckee)

Billy said...

BW - don't think he wanted me to say 'yes' where my mother said 'no'. More like he wanted a clear cut - yes he can or no he can't. I believe my mother must have been somewhat hesitant, not knowing if he could or could not. But it's still weird that he didn't grab the opportunity and take it as a yes, and instead came to ask me.

battynurse said...

According to my doc the trigger can be given either sub q or IM. The IM isn't bad at all though. It just goes deeper.

Lost in Space said...

Hoping that is the start of a new connection with your nephew. He sounds like a sweetheart.

I have never given myself an IM injection, but agree with battynurse about the trigger being either subQ or IM. I have done it both ways - different REs. It might be worth asking if subQ is okay. I hope all goes great!

Thanks so much for the comment you left on my letting go post. You are right. It wasn't silly. Thanks.

Kate said...

avoid all unnecessary IM shots- BUT the trigger might be able to be subQ, my first one was.... worth asking!

And I found a great video on youtube for do-it-yourselfers....
it made me feel like the IM injection was possible. Same place for PIO and trigger-- ice helps a lot, a lot of ice helps more-- about 10 minutes really makes a difference.

GOOD LUCK no matter who and when and where

and how sweet of the kid to defer to you! He sounds like a great kid. Hope you can get to the firestation another day.