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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Think my period is finally here.. not that I like having my period or anything (hey, is there anyone out there who actually enjoys it??), but you know.. It's about 3 days late, which I read can be a result of the Senral I'm inhaling, but knowing that doesn't mean I won't freak out that my period's not coming and is it anything I did (like trying to loose weight or the tiny winy small amount of exercise I do. Yes, I know that's a total nonsense, but you know, must be a "logical" reason why she's not coming..LOL).

Once or twice in the last couple of days had a feeling it's just around the corner, only to feel nothing a few minutes later. Today, more and more feeling it, and going to the toilet every few minutes to check..
I actually don't think I can call it day one yet, but the cramps are here :-). Usually I have quite mild cramps before bleeding (sorry if TMI), but when I actually start my period, then all of a sudden the cramps come in full force, and I often wonder if it's psychotic. Anyway having quite bad cramps now, so my period; menstruation; the witch; aunt flo; etc etc etc must be on her way, and that makes me one happy woman :-).

It's 22:00 and I still have no idea how to carry on from here.. As always didn't ask all the questions when I met him about two weeks ago (should always go with someone :-)). Should I have a scan tomorrow morning? On Sunday? Should I also do a blood test? What about the meds..
I called earlier (when it was definitely CD1..) and that was quite embarrassing. I mean I dialed and heard it was going on to his beeper so I hang up [going to talk about my period with a stranger??] but then I realized I really had to, and phoned again, and it was a guy.. Anyway I left a message and am still waiting to hear from the doctor.

ETA to the ETA...
23:50. Relief. Doc phoned with instructions (do scan + blood tomorrow, carry on with meds as before).

And while I'm here, a P.S..
Last night apparently was my last run.. I do [did!] the runs at two, three even four AM. I just love it when there are no people (though almost every night there was someone in the street, some car passing by. I mean who are those crazy people out in the streets at those hours??? [it's my hours..]). I knew this running business was coming to an end, with the knowledge that autumn should be here soon [please! please! please!] and the school year beginning so I really need to get back to schedule and probably not a good idea when cycling..
I loved being able to do that. Some nights were harder than others, some easier (and the best were when Wendy joined me. Amazing how much easier it is with a dog not even by your side as she goes here and there). Loved the feel of my body. Maybe I'll pick up cycling [hmmm on a bike..] next. I think I can do that in normal hours [as in people may see me. LOL].


Meg. said...

I'm so happy to see you off to the races, my dear!

I look forward to this cycle with great anticipation! =)

Wishing 4 One said...

Wishing the BEST for this cycle girl! Love your night runs, how cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your cycle!

I love the image of you running in the middle of the night.

battynurse said...

Glad things are moving along for you with this cycle. Good luck. You're like me with my night owl tendencies.

Kate said...

Happy CD1 (as much as possible) and I also love the idea of you running in the middle of the night-- it is poetry, can I borrow it for a story someday?

thinking of you and hoping your baseline tests look great so you can move forward.


Wishing 4 One said...

Just checking in on you. I love your new header. Was it there before, I dont think so, you must have changed recently! Did you take the pic? Its just darling.

Billy said...

mekate - sure :-]

Wishing - Thanks :-) And yes, I changed the header (and yes, a pic I took) on Saturday. For a very very long time I've been wanting to change it, not because I didn't like what I had (actually I very much liked it), but beacuse it was something I have found in a google search and I knew wasn't o.k [didn't ask for permission..].