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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Nights are beginning to be cooler and the days somewhat shorter [and only too soon we'll be on winter time, and how I hate that suddenly 18:00 is already dark] and autumn is just around the corner! I love autumn! Love the first rains (oh, please let there be rain this year!), love the smell of the earth's freshness, drinking hot cocoa, snuggling under an ide*-down..

And everything is happening now! School starts and I (should, still building my schedule) am back to good working hours. School starting also means picking up nephew from kindergarten once a week. A nice walk or ride [they have a bike with a small one attached. I have yet to try it, so we'll see..] with his chatter surely would help us bond** :-). And tomorrow (well technically today, but until I go to sleep it is still considered tomorrow!) I'm meeting again with my therapist who was on maternity leave for four long months (she actually returned to work in August, but that's the worst month financially for me, so I told her I'll hold off another month). We did communicate here and there by mail, but that's not the same...

And then there are these courses I am thinking of taking. I think I got the push from my sister's comment on a recent post. So first there was/is the photography course I have set my eyes on. I am all the time saying, one day I'll do this and one day that and one day... and you know what, one day never comes! So I finally got down and did a google search and found this course that I am pleased with. Haven't yet inquired the specific details, but probably whatever they say, I'll take it, just waiting for September to roll on and the income to be coming :-). And yesterday I was thinking... (yes, it's been happening too often lately) hey, I would really also want to do a language course. French and Arabic were always the two languages I wanted to learn. Funny, I kind of neglected that want, but it suddenly came to me when someone 'on my site meter' had my page translated into French. Funny as I am tending now towards Arabic [and yes, Wishing, your lovely stories about Egypt are tempting me in that direction..]. For a long time I've said that as a language teacher, besides my personal desire, it is important for me to learn so as to see how my pupils on the other side feel. I really hope that now that I'm writing it, I'll be more obligated to actually do it!

And you know what, this cycle, I suddenly had a realization. I always say that this cycle just has to work, because in such and such a date there will be - a birthday; a family gathering; a this; a that, such a good opportunity to tell people! and who knows what will happen next time. Well, you know what, somehow there always seems to be something! I think now the High Holidays and especially Yom-Kippur might be good timing if I am indeed pregnant [won't spoil this post by saying that I don't have high hopes..].

And somebody (who I haven't seen in a while) made my day today by commenting on how long my hair is! [I am trying to grow it long].

And finally will just say that my new header [you did notice it, right :-)] is probably also part of this renewal thing going on. I mean I have been wanting to change it for a very long while and was trying to think of what and how, but kind of got stuck there. Then Saturday came, and suddenly I just had the answers and had to have it done!

* how do you write it? I mean I know I'm wrong, but have no idea and can't find the correct way
** It's this 4 year old I mentioed recentaly not being close enough


Tanya said...

I would love to learn another language as well (especially since I live in a country with two official languages). I can speak a little bit of French by I feel so self conscious when I try.

I think it's great that you've decided to sign up for classes.

(it's eiderdown since you ask)

Tanya said...

but... not by. I really should start proof-reading my comments

Calliope said...

love the new header! you sound really good, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

So...you're an ulpan teacher?

I am fascinated with other languages (majored in Spanish in university). Learning another language is a great distraction.

I am also feeling the sense of renewal--maybe it's the time of year? I also love the header. :)

Billy said...

No, not an ulpan teacher :-D [though I did try once teaching someone Hebrew, very strange..]
I teach English which is somewhere in the middle for me - it was the first language I spoke and the one I talk with my parents, but growing up in a Hebrew environment... so on one hand I do get some popular mistakes pupils make since I'm aware of what goes on in He (like muddling 'p' and 'f' as in Hebrew we have one letter to represent both sounds). On the other hand.. I didn't have to learn En at school, didn't have to struggle with learning a foreign language [though I did learn Arabic at school, which I really hardly remember, and did take once a course in French, again can't remember - I think both cases as I was not teaching a language, seeing it in the eyes of the pupil was not important).

And yes, time of year :-).

Dora said...

You sound great, Billy. In a good place emotionally. It certainly can't hurt! I like the idea of High Holiday conception. :-)

battynurse said...

Like the new header. You do sound good. I'm glad you're feeling good. I too love fall but dislike when it starts getting dark sooner. It's not quite dark at 1800 here yet but it's getting closer.
I wish I had taken some foreign language in school although realize I may not have retained it very long. I keep hoping that just by being around so many spanish speaking individuals I will learn some passable spanglish (spanish/english) and I have got some but not nearly enough yet.
Have fun with the classes. I would love to take a photography class. Maybe I should look for one for me.