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Monday, 29 September 2008


(or how we say in Hebrew - good year!)

May a year with all it's curses end,
~ and may a year with it's blessings begin!

May this coming year be a sweet and happy one!
And I hope this is the year in which my baby arrives :-)

And of course a new year is another chance for those resolutions (like a beginning of a week; the start of a new month; ones birthday; the western* new year; you know - those special dates where you say you will, but you never do..). So.....

  • First things first, I need to clean and tidy my house, and I really need to get on with it. Because forget the fact that baby can't live here like this (I can always delay working on it until pregnancy..), but I need to to clean and tidy because baby won't come here until I do so! And I am so energyless.. I do hope I find the energy to do so (and I have now three days of nothingness..)
  • I really want (not to mention - need) to do some sports. I am so lazy. But the weather now is cool and nice and there are these outdoor fitness facilities (I've never been to a gym and am to scared to even try since I have no idea of how and what in a gym [and I don't just mean instrument wise]), so an outdoor gym should be good. And especially since I do wake up early to take my temperature (and go back to sleep..), I could go before other people (so they won't see how unfit I am).
  • Well, this resolution will have to wait a bit.. it's a new year and a new year should be sweet, but I should really go back to eating healthy food. And while I'm at it - I definitely should start again on the folic acid and the prenatal tablets (which I neglected taking in the last two weeks)!
  • And if we're on the matter of food - then I really need to pick up the book I bought about healthy nutrition during (mainly, but also before and after) pregnancy. I'm still at the beginning (the before) and withholding carrying on because, well, then I'll definitely have to put the book aside until I do get pregnant.. But I really should take it out of it's misery from sitting on the shelf and just finish the first part..
  • And last but not least - need to find a new home, somewhere else for most of the cats here. I just can't carry on with them all.

* the Christian new year? the rest of the world's new year? the Gregorian new year? the non-Jewish new year? [the last one obviously not since there are many religions and many different new years in this world :-)]
In Hebrew it is so easy - we have a word for the Jewish dates and another word to denote Gregorian dates.
Oh, and of course we celebrate both!

I've written the word "definitely" enough times in my posts, one should think that by now I would be able to spell it correctly! (what would I do without the speller..)


bleu said...

Shana Tova!!

As for definitely it has always been the one word I seem to spell wrong too, and yes thank goodness for spell check!!

Fat Chick said...

Shana Tova! I hear ya on that cleaning thing... Just a few weeks until TTC1 and my place is barely habitable. If that's a word. Habitable.

Billy said...


and good luck fat chick on your first attempt!