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Sunday, 28 September 2008

I really don't know where the border lies. When it is right and when it is wrong. Show your cute little baby on the web - fine with me. I'll even commit about how sweet he looks. Have me come over and see baby - great, and I would really love to pick her up. Talk about how he sleeps the whole night/doesn't sleep at all - I'm all ears.
But send me a new year e-mail card with full size pictures of her on every page? That, somehow, was wrong. I zapped through it, closing it as quickly as possible, barley reading the words. Don't know if it's because the crappy mood I am in (another month of not doing anything. sitting and waiting just to proceed. errrrr) or the fact that unlike pictures of babies I usually see on the web which are open to everyone to view, this was sent directly to me, for my eyes only (yes, I know the same card was sent to all friends/family/co-workers, so technically it's not for my eyes only, but still there is a difference). Maybe because pictures I usually see aren't full screen, and this was page after page of full screen baby.
And obviously she didn't mean to hurt or anything. Hey, that's what people do when they have babies - send greeting cards with their little ones for everyone to see how cute they are. Proud parents. One day I will (hopefully) be a proud parent myself, and will want everyone to see what a lovely little child I have and how cute s/he looks on a greeting card. And I really can't tell her it did me no good (I'm not the sharing type), so instead I'm venting here.