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Saturday, 20 September 2008

made my day :-)

Or rather my evening or rather ended my weekend..

Was buying a present for my friend's new daughter party. I was planning on buying an album of pictures of mothers from around the world, but I met up with her last week (a rare occasion) and she mentioned her need for a car mirror (one that she can put over the baby who is in the back seat and see that everything is O.K). Of course she didn't intend on me buying one, but better buying something that one needs.
Anyway, since I knew exactly what I wanted, I went straight to the shop assistance [in a baby shop chain] to show me what they have. Maybe most people who shop for presents are hesitant, need advice as to what to get, whereas I came in knowing, or I don't know why, but the shop assistance thought it was for me. She thought I was the mother! It's nice when that happens, makes me feel - yes, I do look the part, and therefore I can definitely be one some day!

When my now 13 year old nephew was little, I used to take care of him quite a lot. I was so much with him that we had a special relationship and the boy occasionally called me "mummy", to which I would answer that no, I'm your aunt &*^. And then there was the time when I was with him in the supermarket, and he again referred to me as mummy. I think he was about 2.5 , 3. I was going to correct him as I always did, but then I felt so embarrassed to do so - I'm not a mother, only an aunt who is just babysitting, so I said nothing. And the woman behind smiled (I don't remember what the kid wanted) and it felt so nice. From then on I stopped correcting him in public :-) (unfortunately as he grew older he made those mistakes less and less and also knew to self correct himself :-D)

And if I'm on a smiling tone - then I'll finish with how my day began: been to the hospital to visit my sister (#3) and her new daughter. She's so adorable, sooooo cute! I even got to hold her, and I just couldn't take my eyes off her. Oh, and the other day when meeting with my friend, I got to hold her one month old baby. I love holding babies!!!


bleu said...

I remember when I was a nanny and people would assume sometimes I was the mama, I would rarely correct them because it felt so good.

So great but I imagine a little bittersweet to get to hold all those precious babies.

Have a great weekend.

Billy said...

Yes, some bittersweetness which I tried to put aside.