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Monday, 8 December 2008


No symptoms. None what so ever.
Did have some period is approaching pains the other day.
But the temperature. For the last two days it is rising! Not only is it not going down, but rising. Last month I had a fever exactly at the end of the cycle (such a bad timing..), so the high temp could not have been an indicator. But now.. So am I???
Leaving now to get blood drawn for the missing tests the bank wanted. She will ask me if I'm pregnant (seems they have to ask all women of fertile age). Not sure if I'll just say no, or I don't know.
If not pregnant should be getting my period by tomorrow. Not sure if I'll get a HPT today (and test tomorrow morning) or tomorrow (and test Wed morning). I think I prefer the second choice.

Added later:
While waiting to have my blood drawn, they asked if they could check my blood pressure. Well, why not.. If I am pregnant it would be nice to know. So 110/75. Nice :-). But I am a bit over weight.
Oh, and when asked (whether I'm pregnant) was going to say "don't know", which in Hebrew is "no know". I just manged to utter the "no" when she turned away to register a "no". Oh well..


Heavy heart said...

fingers crossed for you! Wishing you the very best.

Jo said...

Hoping so much for you that this is the wait worth waiting for!

Dora said...

Hoping for you!

bleu said...

OMG I have no idea how you can not test this long. Sending so much positive energy your way!!!

Anonymous said...

Got my fingers and my toes crossed for you!! :)

QueenYogi said...

Sending positive energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you - hang in there and breathe deep!