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Monday, 29 December 2008


Mother came back from England with my logic magazine [as always :-). Sister #1 gets cheese puffs; my dad some ham or bacon or something like that (though not if my mum is doing the travelling, she won't have those unkosher things anywhere near her), and packets & packets of Kit-Kat for all (less nowadays since you can {occasionally..} get Kit-Kat here, and well, since we're not little kids anymore), and I get my logic magazine] and the scrapbook I asked her to get me.
I asked for it in those few days when I thought that yes, I am. I'm not yet doing any buying or anything for baby. Way too early for that. I mean I do have my eyes set on the clothes switching going on between sister#3 (who has a 3.5 year old boy and who gave birth recently to a baby girl) and sister #6 who has a 1.5 little girl and is expecting a son. I really couldn't care the least if the clothes are boys' or girls', just happy to know they exist.. But beyond having my eyes set, well as I said - too early. Anyway when I thought I was I asked my mother to buy me a scrapbook. I don't want the regular baby albums and would rather create my own baby book. Except.. was kind of disappointed with it. The book itself seems to be too big (in fact, it's huge) but not so thick, and the pages don't seem as rough as I remembered, oh and the cover.. (O.K I'm sure sister #5 will be able to take care of that!). But maybe, well, I'm sad to have to put it aside for god knows how long?


bleu said...

I so hope it is not long at all until you need all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Billy I hope you get to use that scrapbook very, very soon!