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Thursday, 10 July 2008

What a difference..

Well, as I mentioned, I had my third insemination last Tuesday. I thought I might have another one today, but didn't in the end.

And what a difference this insemination was from the previous ones! I was debating real hard last night whether to go this morning for an ultrasound so that to have another insemination if I still can (up till now I only did single inseminations, but since I'm not doing hormones yet, it might be wise to do double inseminations). On the one hand, I should have a go at it since it can only increase my chances, but on the other hand.. well I'm quite sure my follicles have collapsed by now, but more than that, going in today means Thursday's doctor, the same one who did the last two painful inseminations.

I was amazed on Tuesday how quick and (almost) painless it was! Well unfortunately can't say it was completely painless, since I was nervous and tense, and of course the more tense you are, the more you hold your muscles, and the more you do that, the more it hurts thus you become more tense, etc. A vicious circle..

With Thursday doctor, it took him quite a while, and he needed the nurse to bring him this instrument or another. With doctor Z (one of the top doctors in the field, and very much recommended) it was over so quickly that I was surprised - that's it!? And of course he didn't need to try different tools. Not only was it so quick, but I learnt a new thing about myself - I have a tilted uterus. I suspected that before, but of course had no way of knowing. With Thursday doctor it hurt probably because he had a hard time finding or approaching the place. Doctor Z, before starting the procedure asked me to go lower on the chair, and lower and lower, and still lower, muttering something about a tilted uterus. It was quite strange how low he wanted me to go (although I do usually sit too high and am asked to lower myself down). But then, when I was positioned well, he was in and out in a matter of seconds. So this morning, although I convinced myself last night that I should go, when I saw that my temperature went up, and since I know that the temperature rises only after ovulation, I decided to chicken and not go..

Hope that future insemination/s (yes I am trying to keep my hopes down) will be on Tuesdays with doctor Z.

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