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Friday, 17 October 2008

Another Period Day..

Last week or so I've been doing these calculations - on what day do I want my period to come. Usually speaking I would just love it coming on the weekend, meaning on the first day which is the worst I can just relax at home. But this time that was completly not what was on my mind..
This time I have to have 3rd day blood work since last time I had it done was about a year ago. I was told to do it about three months ago. At that time I was on my fifth day of my period and although here they say to have the blood tested on days 3-5, I could only go in the next day (they only do blood tests early in the mornings) and I actualy did want to go in on day 3, so that was missed. Then last month, I was really hoping day three won't fall on a holiday. Luckily it didn't, but I was too lazy to go and have the blood test done.. And now. Next Tuesday is a Sabbeth in which everything is closed. Monday will be like a Friday (a half day), and I think (but not sure) that they don't do blood tests on Fridays (i.e not on the coming Monday). So my prayings were - Please dear period, please come on a Friday (making Sunday day 3). Sunday will be O.K if you must come a little later (so I'll have the blood drawn on day 4). But whatever you do, please - DO NOT COME ON SATURDAY! (because I really don't want to have blood drawn on day 5. Probably it's not that important, but if it would have come then, I would have waited for my next period (yes, assuming I won't get pregnant in next teatment). So yes, I got what I prayed for, and even though it is tiny winy bit early, I got my period today.

But... today it suddenly occured to me that there is another factor to concider. Since I'm going to start doing hormones, I need a nurse to show me how to do the first injection. I'm quite confident that I know more or less what to do, but I really should have someone physically show me. I am to start injections on day five. Day 5 being a Tuesday, being a sabbeth here. Urgh! I can probably start on day 6, but it's just really annoying. And it also means on Sunday morning I'll have to rush to clinic and then buy the stuff.

BUT BUT BUT... My period is here! Finally I can start trying to conceive again! Those two long months of just sitting and waiting for time to pass are over. And the really great news is that after Tuesday, there are NO MORE NON-WORKING DAYS (except of course weekends) UNTIL PESSACH (around March, April, haven't yet checked the calander)! And I'll just tell you that the last month was really crazy, because this year the festivals fell in the middle of the week, meaning one day you work the next two you don't, then another two days you work, and then don't. Anyway, that's soon over, and I'm starting to feel the excitment of starting with hormones :)))))

errrrrrrrr the speller here won't work (only on Hebrew mode. As if I have problems spelling in He). So please mind my mistakes.

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bleu said...

Yay for the break being over and the dreaded period coming at a good time!!!!!!