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Sunday, 19 October 2008

really annoyed

Tried phoning my clinic all morning, to no avail. From 9:00 (the time in which they should be receiving calls) I've been trying and trying and trying. Someone the other day in a message board asked if they are working (it's a semi holiday, but they should be working) because she didn't seem to be able to reach them, to which I answered that they are probably loaded because of Yom Kipur (they bridged* Yom Kipur and the 1st "hag" and took 4 days off) and that she should be patient. Patient, ye right. From 9:00 till 14:00 - nothing! engaged engaged engaged the whole time. Oh wait, I did sometimes get the machine saying how they care about me and would like to help me. Cared enough as to not answer the telephone at all! They might have decided to bridge the 2nd "hag" (making working days Sunday and half Monday a bridge between Saturday and Tuesday+half Monday), but if so (as though they didn't have enough taking the four days after Yom Kipur. Hey, my body does not take a vacation just because it's such and such a date. My cycle continues, and I do not intend on missing another month!), at least have a message saying so, let me know that you are not working so I don't try and try and try. Someone else on the board asked what's happening with them, so at least I know it's not just me (I'm pretty sure the problems I'm having here with blogger are just me and my computer..).
I'll try go in tomorrow morning. Don't know if they're working tomorrow morning, but if they didn't answer me today, they sure won't answer me tomorrow.

So, it means that on Wednesday morning, I'll have to run and buy the meds, hope it will all be O.K (there's a 45 days validity on the prescription. Today is day #47..). Hope it doesn't matter what time of day I inject. Hope I manage to find out when nurses guide you (I believe in the morning). Hope it's O.K to start injecting even without hearing from the clinic. Hope it won't make too much of a difference starting on day 6 (I was told to start on day 5). Hope on Wednesday I do manage to reach them (probably won't be easy since I bet I'm not the only one..) and at least get instructions on how to proceed (U.S/blood tests as usual??).

Well, at least let me finish this post on a positive note, and mention that I did go this morning and have my blood drawn, so at least one thing was done.

* a bridge - When one joins two non working days (eg. yesterdays Shabbat and Tuesday's [and half Monday's] holiday) into a one longish holiday (in the eg above - from Friday afternoon till Tuesday night [Sunday is a regular working day here].

Edited later (I wrote this post in the afternoon but had problems with blogger): I heard that the clinic will be open tomorrow, but only half day (as they say it was today. yeh right). So I'll go in early tomorrow morning.

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