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Saturday, 11 October 2008

site meter

I'm kind of in shock. I basically knew there was such a thing, but really didn't know how much details they contain.
In my Israeli blog there are statistics of how many entries and supposedly from where (like if it's a Google query. but usually it doesn't say a thing. Definitely [and I thought I got it right this time :-(] not from what country/town and how long etc.). And I am a fan of numbers and quite frequently go into the stats page (too frequently one would say...). Here in blogger I was happy that no such thing. As I said, I knew one can get statistic information, but wasn't too interested. Except my profile (which unfortunately also counts my own entries), I am in an ignorant state - I don't know who enters my blog and reads it, or even how many people dropped by.
[wow, I am really shivering now. suddenly I became so cold. already put on a long sleeve. I guess the next step will be to close the window. (noooooo! I don't want to close it!)]
So as I was saying, I don't know who/when/why/what/where reads me, and it's nice not thinking about statistics [the cold got to me. had to close the window..].
And I read once in a blog someone mention how they can see all sorts of information [na, still cold. shall I close the door!?] which got me a bit worried. I'm kind of a private person, don't like the idea of being detected. But now I was reading this blog with a site meter, and just for the fun I decided to enter. And boy was I shocked to see all the data. I'm uncomfortable because of the amount of time I (seemingly) spend on a blog. Blogs that I find and like, I have to read from the beginning. It might be stupid or whatever, but I can't just go into the present. And being a Gemini, I do not just read one blog (or blog entry) at a time, but have to have at least 10 windows open at a time (be it with blogs, forums, my mail, whatever), reading a paragraph here and then here, etc. Add to the fact that I leave the computer on for times while coming and going. So, wow, it must seem I'm such a lurker..
I think that if I were American, having all this information would bother me less. After all, the vast majority of readers were Americans (88% in the case of this blog I saw), and anyway America is a big country. A very big country. One can easily blend in (in the stats, that is). But being from a small country that I am, it kind of signals me out (or at least it feels so..).
Well, I think it's high time I go to bed [ahhh, my idee-down. some would probably say that if I'm cold I should put on some shoes or slippers or at least socks. can't bare! anyway I'll soon be tucked under my idee-down having sweet dreams :-)]

Maybe one day I too will put up a site meter. First I should probably put up a blog roll [one day when I'm confident enough]. I think it's only fair since the vast majority of blogs I read, I found from other bloggers blog rolls.

If there are any spelling mistakes, terrible grammar or whatever, please take into consideration the time..


bleu said...

I hope you have warmed up by now. :)
I used to check site meter more often, but it was always mostly about how many had visited and what searches had been used.

Now days I rarely ever check my stats.

I LOVE that you are a Gemini, so am I!! Go TWIN power!!

I also like to go back and read sometimes all previous posts. I also have a habit of opening a blog post and then leaving it open to get to later so there are times I sure it shows up me being on a blog for hours and hours. I used to worry about it but I don't anymore. I realize everyone reads their wn way and I just don't stress on it anymore.

Much love hun!!!

Billy said...

I think I had the same approach when I encountered first blogger mentioning their site meter. Everyone does have their own reading styles, so it's O.K to read the way I do.
But last night seeing my flag and knowing that (most likely) it's me (at 2:00 am, in a small country, I really doubt the likelyhood of another person reading the same blog as I..), and that freaked me out.

And yay for twin power :-))