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Monday, 20 October 2008

Oh What a Wonderful Morning..

But as they say - all's well that ends well, and right now I do feel like humming the song above :-).

So I started my morning going to the fertility clinic. Lucky I did so, because it seems that I really shouldn't start a day later, if already then a day earlier. Knowing that Tuesday will be a problem since I'm not mobile (there are emergency centres but might be a problem getting to one, and I did want first time to have a nurse guide me), I was told to start today. I left the clinic, bought the meds in the pharmacy nearby and headed of to my session with my therapist, with over an hour to spare. On the way I opened the box to look at it and realized I forgot to buy alcohol. So now I also have to find a pharmacy..
Now although in the building right next to where my clinic is there is a nurses' centre where I could have gone and had it done, my mind was set on having it done when I get home (after the therapist) at the local clinic in my home town (which I'll call R). That's where I envisioned it, and didn't think otherwise. Luckily my therapist advised me to go back to the Tel-Aviv centre (i.e the one near my fertility clinic, where I should have gone to in the hour I had in the morning), since I wouldn't have made it to R on time. But unfortunately by the time I got there, the nurses and doctors had all gone. By now I was really stresses out. It's not for me, all this running around, finding where and how before everything closes. And the receptionist at the building was so not helpful, not that she was unkind or anything. I was stressed, and her repeating the fact that there's no-one here now and that they are closing and that at 14:00 there will be an emergency centre.... Finally I understood that I was to come back at two. It was 11:20, which meant over two hours of just hanging around. As I left the building, I realized I am still with the meds that should be kept cool, but with no real means of doing so, and it was a hot day..
So I went to the nearby mall, bought the alcohol (at least I could do that while I'm waiting!), bought some crossword magazines and sat on the most uncomfortable benches to pass the time (oh, I am so not into shopping and looking at shop windows and trying on new clothes and all that. I hate it!!!). I was contemplating on asking the fresh juice stall for some ice (I was even willing to buy some), but I was too shy to ask. Later I bought some ice at a nearby gas station. A bit pricey for water I will never use, but oh well..
The nurse at the centre was very nice. Although she told me it's not their job to guide (it was an emergency centre, not a normal one) she did show me how and even let me inject myself. I knew it wouldn't be too difficult, but I was actually surprised at how easy it was. No problem! I could have done it at home alone without all the hassle, but better to be sure.. There was a point when the needle was out when I started thinking maybe I should be afraid. After all, again the therapist tried leading the conversation into the - wow, injecting yourself, first time, etc... but I was a vampire in my previous incarnation. I love looking at the needle penetrating my body when I have blood drawn.. If already, the most difficult part was riping [oops.. ment wiping..] my belly (oh, and showing my big fat belly wasn't too bad either. I guess it's good I had time to adjust to that notion) - she gave me cotton-wool to ripe wipe with. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. even saying the word gives me the shivers.. (I got alcohol swabs so as not to use the 'c-w' word).

On the bright side..
=> I did manage to get it done.
=> I now know for sure I can do it alone
=> and the meds were much, much cheaper than what I expected!!!
So yes, I can now sing :-))


bleu said...

Congrats on your first injection!!!

Billy said...

Thanks :-)

Tanya said...

You're a brave woman. Good job!

Billy said...

brave? not really. If I were to go to the dentist (who I'll sadly admit is my own father, and yes, still terrified..) I would agree on you calling me brave, but not to something I do not fear, but thanks anyway!

cmay said...

Yay on the first shot. I hope you get some lovely follicles to grow for your efforts!