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Wednesday, 15 October 2008


boy, will I be a worried mother..

Went for a few days to visit a friend up north. Left (selected) cats locked in house so they could be left with food and water. Of course I left too much water (was scared they might tip over the water bowl, so I left three..) and too much food (although they did seem a bit hungry when I came back - some of the food I put in a different place than usual which they obviously haven't discovered yet as it was still all there. But I am certain they would have found it, had they been really hungry and searching for food). Also made sure doors will remain open (so they don't get locked in a room) and of course an open window as an emergency exit.
My number one fear was a fire. Soon after I was gone I remembered I forgot to unplug this lamp I have which sits on the carpeted floor (long story). Cats usually run around here and play, knocking this lamp again and again on the carpet, and carpet was scorched a bit once when I didn't notice.. I believe they could easily accidentally switch it on, and well... should have unplugged it! Didn't help when it was somewhat chilly sitting outside and someone mentioned a fire. There were a few other words scattered. Words of no real significant, but all I could hear was - fire; die; killed; food; grave [on the newspaper crossword on my way home! out of all the words they could put in a crossword, they had to put "grave" when I'm worried sick if cats are still alive???]; etc.
Although I was offered to stay another day, and would have really loved to stay and be with the older son for the day (he's on school vacation and a real great kid!), I was so worried, I couldn't. Could also hardly sleep thinking if cats are O.K, and then I dreamt Michelle died because of me. Though strangely, in the dream she died because I left her locked outside (she somehow jumped from a tall building and broke her neck, and I was holding her flexible and warm body [warm - must have "just missed" her death] and crying), whereas in reality my fear was that something would happen to her while locked inside..).
I did want to phone them to see if they are doing all right. Well, I know I will be a worried parent [but hope not to be over protecting), that's not news to me. Maybe the degree is, and wow, if cats were a human child - how worried can one get.. (but at least a human child can answer the phone!).

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