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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tired :-O *

This week, I've been so so tired. Days that from the minute I woke up in the morning I wished for them to end so I can return to slumber land. And yes, I love sleeping. Unlike some people who like to refer to sleeping as wasted time, saying that a third (or whatever) of our lives is wasted on sleep, I think of sleeping as a time well spent.
And this week, between going back to work at full swing and getting up early for baby stuff (I start work in the afternoons) and still going to sleep very very late (I'm a night bird, and I hate going to sleep [love sleeping, hate going to sleep, ain't that a nice oxymoron..]), I don't really wonder.

And an annoying remark I got. Mentioned to my mum how tired I was. Happen to be on a day that I had some cancellations at work, so yes, didn't work hard that day. So she wondered how come I'm tired, since I didn't really work. No, she doesn't know why and what. I didn't tell her about waking up early and going to sleep late etc. I did say I was tired. Would have been nice to get an empathic response (and then she wonders why I don't tell her things..).

And yes, I know. Being a mother to a baby will probably be much worse than this week. Not just one week of tiredness, but endless sleepless nights. That is the one thing I am completely not looking forward far (who does wish to be sleep deprived!?). Anyway, weekend just around the corner!

Just hit the publish button instead of the save (before previewing). Did I mention me being tired?

* Wasn't sure if that conveyed a yawn. Googled and found this site that gives a different meaning to the above and that shows a yawn as l -O. I can't really see a yawn here, so I'm sticking with my original. Just know that I don't mean to say that no yelling here (although... no yelling here...)


bleu said...

I used to hate going to sleep and love sleeping too.

As for sleep deprivation, I personally think it is much easier with a new baby. Your body compensates for it and allows you to really function on so little, it is cool. Plus waking up endless times to look at the perfect lil face is way better than regular sleep deprivation.

I hope you get some good rest soon!!

Billy said...

I think it's the first time I heard a positive attitude regarding not sleeping with new baby. Up till now it was always how will you cope. what will you do, etc.
So thanks!

Miss X said...

Hi Billy! Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Now I've found yours, so I'll add it to my blog list.

And I consider sleeping one of my favorite hobbies. I'm a night owl, like you. So I end up sleeping a lot on the weekends. I tell people I'm storing it up for when I have kids and am sleep deprived.