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Monday, 27 October 2008

weird injection

Went this morning to clinic, after last night I had injected last cartridge of Gonal-F. Nurse told me that I might be required to continue with it for another day or two, but they'll only know in the afternoon when they get my blood results. She gave me a new prescription but I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy just yet - what if I won't need. It's not as if I can do anything with it, can't save it for next month if this month fails. But then I really shouldn't irritate Merphy.. Anyway, since the pharmacy in that complex hasn't yet opened, it was therefore decided for me to wait.
Just after noon I get the telephone telling me to inject today one last time. Do it on your regular hour - I was told. Yes, my regular hour... not the best time of the day.. That will definitely be something I fix if there will be a next time.. Now although I could have gone to the effort of finding a pharmacy that sells these kind of drugs and got it without being too pressured for time, I of course waited for the last minute. Knowing there's a mall right next to where I have to be (work) at 14:30, with a big pharmacy (one that is part of a chain), I opted to leave a bit earlier so I could buy and inject myself in the public toilet. Strange idea - injecting in a public toilet.. can't really do it where I work, so the loo is the next best.
But as it seems, they don't sell those kind of medication. I was sent to a small pharmacy a few minutes walk away. Got there just after 14:00. Unfortunatly they told me that they close at two. Small buisnesses that still have the afternoon siesta.. Besides, can't I see they are renovating the place? And they already closed the computer and locked the money in the safe.. What shall I do, I whined to the guy. I just have to get this drug today. Not like me to whine to a stranger, but hey a desperate woman calls for desperate messures.. Eventually he agreed to sell me the stuff, and even wished me good luck, nice of him :-).
Now I needed to find a place to do the injection. It was approaching 14:15, which didn't really leave me plenty of time (and I thought I'd just have to hung around..). I thought of asking if I can do the injection there in the pharmacy, but I was too shy to ask (and now that I think about it, good thing since it probably isn't the best of place with the workers and the fresh paint and I don't know if I would have had any privacy). A near by caffee was also ruled out. Then I thought of going to my father's work. Advantage would be a "safe" place to inject, and a place to keep rest of cartridges cool (even though I won't actually be needing the whole lot, just this one injection). Disadvantage would be being out about injections and hormones etc. My family don't know, and for the time being I'd like to keep it that way. But he wasn't at work.
So back to plan A - doing the injection in the mall's public toilet. Kind of a wierd place to give yourself an injetion. I mean, I can imagine junkies and the likes using public toilets for this purpose, but me??? Luckily it's a very simple and easy shot. Not something that reuires too much preperation and is done very quickly.
And tomorrow I was told to inject the HSG, a shot that up till now I said no to (and although actually never did, intended on doing double inseminations), but if I'm already doing hormones, mise as well..
And then on Wednesday - insemonation. I think it's nice knowing in advance when I'll be insemend, saves me a trip (will go in the morning to bank and from there to clinic. Instead of the usual clinic -> bank -> clinic) and time. But it does feel a bit early. I mean I have 2 nice follicles (18 & 15. strangely enough growing in my right ovary. up till now it was mostly my left ovary doing the work..) that will grow somewhat more by Wednesday. And I don't know the result of my blood, but probably good enough to predict a Wed insem. But it does mean having my two week wait extended into an almost three week wait.
But all in all, yes it was a weird injection today, and yes, I am quite excited :-).


Jo said...

Wow!you seem to be navigating all the complicated logistics pretty well... Good luck this week!

bleu said...

I am so excited for you as well. I am confused why you could not save any extra gonal F for another time if needed (I hope it is never needed though). I saved extra Gonal F for ages and even gave extra to a friend.

Anyhow very excited for you!!!

Tanya said...

I can just see you sneaking into the bathroom to shoot up your drugs.

Yay! It's almost time to try again! You should have the IUI in the next couple of days then... right?

Billy said...

Thanks :-)

I could save the extra Gonal-F for next time!? learning.. thought I couldn't because I read in the instructions that once opened, has to be used by such and such a date. Good thing I did try to keep them cool..

Fat Chick said...

That is soooo exciting! Hey! We are in the 2ww together. Was the gonal-f intramuscular?

Billy said...

:-) yes, together in the TWW.

Gonal-F - no, it's subcutaneously (under the skin).