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Monday, 27 October 2008

Update on cat

Well I had to bring her in today to have her fixed (fixed!? rather ruined). Had her (as well as all other cats) on a fast as requested. Thought this morning I'd put her in some kind of bag (like a backpack or something. I don't have a cat cage) and of we'll go to the vet's. She's a very sweet and loving cat and I really didn't think it would be a problem. But of course she won't get into a bag ( I tried a couple).
So I thought, O.K, it's not so far (about a 15 minute walk), so I'll carry her. Started of well. She is interested in the surroundings, but I 'm holding her firmly (from time to time gripping her by the skin on her neck). The first part is relatively easy. It's a quiet Dutch road*. Then one car starts driving and I have to hold tighter, and then another and she is scared, wants to jump off me onto safety. Those two cars weren't really a problem. I could have made it with her, but then I thought - what will happen when I come to the main road? With all the noise of cars and people and the new smells and sights etc. I believe I could have managed holding on to her for the rest of the way, but it's probably too dangerous to chance. Besides I was suddenly thinking that what if I get to the vet's and there's a vicious dog and I don't have where to put her... So I turned back and headed home.
Called the vet's. They said they'll lend me a cage (which meant going back there again... [I am just so so tired]). They said I can try and bring her in today, or if not then I can come tomorrow. I guess I'm going for the tomorrow option. Delaying the inevitable as much as possible (regarding Naomi's comment on previous post - my gut feeling says "no", but I know I should..). So if I can't come up with an excuse, tomorrow my dear cat will be neutered.

* I know "Dutch road" is an Israeli term, but I don't know how it's called in English, and googling it didn't help, couldn't even find pictures, the best I found was the sign post I linked. ANYWAY, a Dutch road is a road with no pavements (and, here at least, is usually built with stone [instead of the usual asphalt]) where pedestrians and vehicles share the same space. These are usually quite streets with little traffic.

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Naomi said...

The thing about trusting your gut is this...often my gut is trying to lead me in one directions, but my head says, "Thanks for the suggestion..." and I do the complete opposite anyway. And you know what? In the end, it all works itself out.