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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My Bucket List

Was tagged by Heavy heart to write 10 things I would have liked to accomplish before I die. So here goes:

  1. Well ,hmm.... lets think... What could I possibly list as my number one!? To be a mummy, maybe? And while I'm at it I will be greedy and wish to mother at least three kids. Yes, probably not likely. O.K, then two.. [one thing that does appeal to me with hormones is the higher chance of twins. Yes, I would love to have twins!]

  2. I really really want to move to live in the north of Israel. Am not doing anything about it right now, because being in the north means being secluded (my family lives mostly here in the centre), and I am egoistic and thinking of the help I might need from my mother as a single mother. Well, I plan to get into moving once my child is old enough.

  3. Besides moving to the north, would like to live a year or two with child/ren in a different country. A different place, different atmosphere, different culture. My dream country is New-Zealand, but also Ireland and Scotland are good.

  4. Would l-o-v-e to see the Northern Lights!

  5. Find love. To live with someone whom I love and who loves me, not a child-parent love, but a man-woman love (or hell maybe even woman-woman, what do I know? see #10).

  6. Learn a new language, and be able to use it fluently. And if I accomplish that, learn another new language! French is on the top of my list, but also Arabic, Spanish, Chinese...

  7. Learn to play the piano. When I was a child, I did learn, but it was a year and a half here and a year and a half there, not really too serious. I can still play a bit (teeny weeny weeny bit), but would like to be able to open a music book and just sit and play whatever music I want.

  8. Can't think of anything else to add here. Probably after hitting the "publish" button, I'll come up with all sorts of things I would like to have accomplished before I die. Thinking, thinking, thinking... Nope, nothing.

  9. If I'm already on the subject of dying, would like to mention how I would want my body to be cremated and the ashes flown in the wind in some kind of natural feature (could be a river, a forest, etc.). Not to have a specific place where I'm buried, just to return to nature.

  10. Should I, or shouldn't I?? Yes? No? Yes? No? Left this one to be last, will write it and then think if to press the publish button.. After all, besides Michal, I am completely anonymous here - what are the chances of me meeting up with any of you? (Although of course I would love to!), so anonymous haven here I go. Sex, that was what all my introduction was about. Want to have it and have it and have it. I can count on [shall I say on what!?] how many times [hint - should I have added here the plural s?] I had sex, and I'm tired of being such a closed and reserved person. I am also a human and so have desires.
    O.K, so now I'm all red. Will cover my eyes and close my computer [not really, I need it for a translation job I'm doing].

Oh, and being a meme I guess I'm supposed to tag other people? Well I'll go the lazy version - if you want to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!


battynurse said...

I've seen the Northern Lights before but not at their full power. They can sometimes be seen from my home state of Washington. I've seen them several times but one was absolutely amazing.

Heavy heart said...

A frank and honest list! Couldnt have asked for more..

Seed Monkey said...

I can't help with 1 to 9 on your list, but I've always found number 10 (when I was single) easier to 'acquire' when very drunk, with other drunk people. Though 'quality' of the partner did vary with the amount of alcohol consumed (hence the phrase, 'beer goggles').

Don't take my advice as I have been told that I am a bad influence :)

Dora said...

Sex? You mean that thing that some lucky people do to get pregnant? Oh, yeah. I remember that. :-/

Ah, the Northern Lights. That would be on my list, too.

Meg said...

Dude, I so hear you about #10!

I sometimes wish I wasn't so picky and was more of a floozy!