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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Weird Dream

Just dreamt about my niece who is 20 years old. I heard that she is about to start IVF treatments in order to become a mother, and I really can't understand why. I try talking to my sister (her mother), telling her that she is only 20 years old, has just been released from military service (in reality - not yet..) and is just beginning life. Why have children so early!? Then suddenly I realize that all along this niece was present and feel quite embarrassed (I think they tried hinting).
Later we (niece and I) are both hanging washing and I try and talk to her about it. I am not sure if she has a boyfriend and is going to do it with him, or not (in reality she quite recently split up from first serious boyfriend). I ask her then why start with IVF, and I understand it's a standard protocol (and that I was different..). I had a feeling of yes - another person who will get pregnant before me and another 9 months I'll have to wait for my turn (because obviously it won't happen while they're pregnant...). So now I am jealous of those who are not and most likely won't be for quite some time???


Heavy heart said...

Hey billy..not sure I quiet understand this post..:(

Billy said...

Just a dream I had. Relevant to my efforts to conceive, so I posted it here.