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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shut Down

Finally, after over a week of my computer being open, I am going to close it (but being addicted as I am, I will probably open it again in 5 minutes time..). I don't usually like having the computer on non-stop for so long, but I had this translation job I had to finish, and it dragged on and on and I didn't want to close the computer until I finished it.
This job actually fell on me [is there such a phrase in English?? Probably not since it didn't come up in a google search] in a time most needed. I do need that extra cash that a job like this can bring, and was actually going to advertise at universities and colleges around here (students always need articles translated into Hebrew, and usually can't afford to go to a professional translator), but never got around to it (oh, I am so laaaaazy), so when this woman asked me to help her, I was more than glad.
Except.. it is so not easy. Things that you no doubt understand, but now you have to word it, and sometimes there's more than one way to understand the text, so how do you translate it?? And I kept distracting myself with anything but getting along with the work. And she was so sweet, told me to take my time (never tell me to take my time, because then I only postpone till later).
Anyway, I've just finished it and so relieved and happy about it. I should go ahead and advertise myself, after all, it is good money.


Michal said...

Why did you not want to close the computer before you finish the translation?!?! :-D
You should watch out for this type of childish decisions... if you notice you make one, stop and ask yourself why... and try to avoid it...

BTW, do you ever use "Stand by" or "Hibernate" rather than "Shut down"? They preserve energy but maintain your computer in the same state as you left it (stand by needs to be connected to electricity for minimal consumption; hibernate keeps the status even when disconnected).

Congratulations on completing your first translation job!

bleu said...

Why is someone commenting and saying you are childish??????? THAT is soooo rude!!!!!!!!!!

I think the job falling on you would translate to an idiom of saying it "fell in your lap" it means it just came about easily and when needed.

You SHOULD advertise!!!

Michal said...

Could be considered rude, or could be considered caring. I believe it depends on the context, and the length of acquaintance, and the patterns discovered during that time.
Virtual world calls mostly for petting responses, but when virtual acquaintance evolves, I believe there's room for more.
In this case it was a wish to somewhat shake a stagnation.

Billy said...

I really do not think it was a childish decision. Just because you get the bottom line, doesn't mean there wasn't a thought behind it, a logic. I think knowing myself, knowing how I love to postpone things, giving me one less excuse why not to sit on this job (computer off) plus the fact that I didn't really want to keep the computer on for so long, so should have kind of mothivated me to sit on it (which I will admit - didn't really work, but that's not the point), was a maybe childlike, but good decision.

But what if it was a decision per se? What if it was what you call a childish decision? If it gets me going, if it's what motivates me, then what's the harm?

And thanks for the stagnation.

Michal said...

At some point it is expected that motivation would be internal and won't need such external, artificial decisions. What you explain is exactly why I suggested to stop and ask yourself why.

Why isn't it that the need to earn money is enough of a motivation for regularly getting up in the morning and sitting by the computer for completing the task, and acquiring fast-typing skills, and advertising?

It frustrates me to read of tiredness (but not of new B12 tests or athletic activity), of numerous and multiplying cats (but not of an action to reduce the number), of need to earn more money (but not of advertising), of a messy apartment, etc.

Maybe it frustrates me more than it should, but that's because I care.

Billy said...

The need for money - that is internal motivatin?!
No, the money part does not motivate me. If already what motivated me to finish the job, was knowing that I had responsibilty and that someone needed it done. I still haven't been paid for it, and not sure how much it will be [don't worry - she isn't running away]. So no, money doesn't have to be a motivater.
Yes, I know what you're going to say - it's not the money itself, like the things I can do. But right now my life probably sucks, and a few shekalim here or there won't make such a difference.

And thanks for the remark: "At some point it is expected...", it so reminded me of my father who used to call me retarded, who used to say I am acting like a 4 year old (or whatever age). At some point it is expected. Maybe I am frozen, will never change and will never be normal. And obviously very childish.

I may not type as fast as a "blind typer", and will not qualify to work as a secretary, but I do not think I have problems with the speed of my typing.

Naomi said...

Um...is it safe yet? Wow such drama lol!

Not to invite the wrath of Michal or sucked into the debate, but I get what you were saying. As a fellow procrastinator, I've kept my computer on while I did other things so I could hop back on and finish my work...then wound up doing other trivial things instead. But I wouldn't shut off the computer b/c I could rationalize the whole "but I have work to do..." thing.

Eh. Whatever. Things get done when they get done. It's your blog. Bitch about anything you want. If at any point I think you're being childish or an arse or whatever I can always procrastinate reading someone else's blog : )

And I concur, "fell in your lap" makes sense.

Billy said...

Please - not wrath.
I may not like what she said, may be very upset to read her words, but I do know that she cares deeply.