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Monday, 24 November 2008

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Along with tracking ovulation in the clinic by u/s and blood tests, I also write down my temperatures. I also tried once checking CM and cervix, but I couldn't figure out if it is EWCM or what (and I'll spare you the TMI), and the cervix.. well I checked until I was inseminated. After that was scared that I might infect myself (if hands weren't washed well enough, etc) so avoided to. Anyway, I'm drifting.. So charting my temps enables me (even if in retrospect) to pin point when exactly I ovulate. And suddenly this week I think I see a pattern. I knew that sometimes I ovulate a bit early (day 13) and usually late (around day 18), but didn't see beyond this. That is I knew that mostly I have longish cycles, and when I ovulated early, I cursed it since it meant that my TWW will grow into an almost three week wait. And then last month was one of my shortest cycles ever, and suddenly I noticed that I also ovulated earlish! So it came to me that I always menstruate 13 days (plus minus of course) after I ovulate. And thus it will always be a TWW (thanks God for small miracles..).
I also believe I can see a pattern between the above and the side in which ovulation occurs - as far as I can see, when the follicles grow on the right, I tend to ovulate earlier, but more often they grow on the left, and those are also the times in which I ovulate a bit later. Fascinating!

Anyway since I'm taking Ovidrel, ovulation will occur a bit mid way (little earlier than what I would expect a left side ovulation). Funny, the nurse left me instructions to take it today [at whatever time, which kind of relieved me, since I thought I had to take it at the same time as the Gonal which I'm taking in the evenings, which made me worry if I insem in the morning, if it isn't too early (O occurring 24-36 hours after shot; frozen sperm having a life span of 12-24 hours)] and come in tomorrow. I immediately phoned the bank. I will just add that I didn't speak to the nurse from the clinic (I was in the shower) and anyway it was when they finished working, or at least answering our calls. So I phone the bank, and they reminded me to bring a note from the clinic [that I will be a good girl and take spermies straight to the clinic, do not pass go, do not try self insemination]. Oops, no note this time. But you know me.. it's not the first time I took sperm from you and headed to a (the) clinic. So bring it tomorrow morning she suggests. Except.. I really don't want to go to the clinic, then the bank and then back to the clinic again. Prior to Ovidrel, when they would see on the scan nice follicles, I would do that triple trip. At least now I don't have to. So phone them tomorrow morning - another of her suggestions. Which might have been fine, except.. I need to leave quite early in the morning, before the clinic opens [oh, and I don't own a cell phone (out of choice - I do not want one), so can't really phone from the way or something]. Anyway she ended saying she'll try calling them. Hope it won't be a problem..

And one last thing (I know - long post). I am happy to do this on a Tuesday. That is when the nice and caring doctor, the one who is quick and painless, works. But I promised myself (yet once again) to come in the next day for a scan, and maybe have a double insemination. Unfortunately I can already feel my cold feet..

* better than leaving that box empty, haa..


bleu said...

Hoping all goes smoothly!!

Billy said...

It did, thanks :-).

Dora said...

Glad things went smoothly. It's too late this time, but couldn't the clinic fax the note to the bank?

Billy said...

Yes, faxing is how it was supposed to go, but they still needed to be told to fax this note.

Oh, and the bank, when I got there, told me they tried but didn't succeed in reaching the clinic. So they made me sign a form saying that I'm taking the vial to such and such clinic. They also told me to ask the clinic to fax the bank that indeed I came, and made another request for that fax in a sealed envelope [which of course I opened..].
Very suspicious people there.. (more so if you take into account that home insem are not popular here...).