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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Stupid is Stupid Does (updated)

or - Curiosity Killed the Cat
(to compensate on earlier's lack of title, I now have two!)

Yesterday, after injecting, stupidly thinking that the dose was in the needle itself, or more in the cap surrounding the needle (stupid stupid stupid! I now have these needles and caps in front of me, and of course it's just plastic to protect), I played around, seeing what happens if I put this number on the dial and then that number etc. (that's the curios me at work. can't just let things be, have to play around..). I thought (and will state again - real stupid of me!) I was just playing with the remainder of the shot I just gave myself, stuff that anyway gets thrown away (and was even wondering about that, if I need to inject myself with 75, and it's a 300..... )
Anyway.. today I come to give myself a shot, and..... nothing. I can't get it to work, can't pull where I'm supposed to. Yes, I now realize that it's yesterdays playing around. I almost went yesterday morning and bought a new pen (the last was a remainder from previous cycle, so thank God it was only a day, maybe two worth of meds that I wasted..), but decided to do so on Sunday morning.
So now I am left without a shot. Can't really go out now and get one because the pharmacies are closed now.. So I guess I'll have to skip today. Hope that not giving one day doesn't blow it. And tomorrow when I do purchase - should I give myself a dose then (12 hours after I was supposed to) and another one 12 hours later (as on schedule), or do I just skip today's dose altogether?

update: Was going to go in early and get the shot (was actually even planning on going earlier to the local shop to get some emergency cat food since as usual we managed to finish the food on the weekend..), but over slept.
Ended going to this pharmacy right before work in the early afternoon(not before forgetting the prescription at home and rushing back, etc.)


Dora said...

OY! If I were you I would give yourself the shot asap when you get the meds and then the next shot a bit more than 12 hours later (If in the evening, then closer to bedtime), then the next day, go back to the usual time.

Is this a new cycle? Was this supposed to be the first day of shots? If so, I don't think it's a big deal. Starting a cycle on day 2 or 3 shouldn't make any difference, particularly at your age. (At my "advanced maternal age" it's more important to start on day 2 to avoid a dominant follicle.)

cmay said...

Dora gives good advice. Follow that. You'll see later how things have developed and hopefully you will have 3-5 good looking follicles for your efforts.
Good luck!

battynurse said...

I agree with Dora. Also you said something about the amount left over. There is often quite a bit left over in the pens that you can draw out with a syringe. Sorry you may already know that but thought I would share.

Billy said...

Thanks for the advice.

And no, didn't know about drawing out with a syringe, Thanks for sharing that information :-).