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Friday, 21 November 2008

new image

Last night I had this conversation with sister #4. Funny, I think she had the urge to call me and chat with me just like I have the urge to do so with sister #6 (except I keep delaying it..). She asked me about TTC (I'm very general about it - yes I am still trying, no, I'm not pregnant yet..), and then made me laugh by asking: "Can't you get any tips to make it work faster?"

Anyway, I've been wanting for quite some time to change my "photo" here. I felt like having a sunflower, googled sunflower, and went along with whatever I found. Nice picture, but not quite me. So was thinking of asking her (she's an artists) to create an image for me. She once drew me this picture for my other blog

and I just love it. I love it because I think it's pretty and clean and I love it's simplicity. But mainly because it's unique and very representative of me. I teach English (at the time was attempting to do so at school, but oh, that's just another failure in life..) and am a night owl (and my nick on that blog reflects that). I just love looking at this image she created for me. I was thinking of maybe using it here, but I don't think it fits. Here I would want something that belongs to this blog, but would want something that will be able to stay with me, not something that will be good today and not tomorrow (i.e good for now when I'm TTC, and good for if/when I am a mother). So last night I asked her to draw me some kind of image. Except.. I have no idea what. I briefly mentioned this blog but of course won't let her in, so can't count on inspiration coming from her. So..... if anybody has any idea - I would love to hear!

Oh, and I do hope that having an image she draws won't mean she'll be able to find this blog (though I doubt she'd be looking), would have to think about that [how easy is it to google a certain picture].


Naomi said...

I finally put up a pic of me the other day. Only half my face. For some reason I couldn't take one where my face looked...symmetrical? like I wasn't 80? Ugh. Oh the bags under my eyes. I know I'm getting old, but how am I already in need of an eye lift!

Okay, none of that helps you. Sorry. If you don't want your face why not your hand typing on the keyboard? your pets? your meds lol.

You can search for images via google, but would it really be so bad if she found your blog?

Billy said...

Nice picture! You look great!!

Thanks for the ideas, but looking more for something that has a connection to the subject of the blog (moherhood, becoming a mother).

I know one can search images on google, but how easy is it to find a specific image, for example if I wanted to find your half face?

And yes, it would be bad if she found my blog. I like being free to write whatever's on my mind (wouldn't if people I know read).

bleu said...

I think just re-title the pic name to be extra careful

As for sunflower my blog used to have that, here is the link to the template, they have great templates here


Billy said...