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Monday, 3 November 2008

Dreaming that I vomited - does that count towards morning sickness?
(Not that I'm looking forward for that, and it's probably way too early for any symptom even if I am pregnant [which between you and me I actually doubt this one worked])


bleu said...

It may not count towards morning sickness, but vivid dreams are one of my first signs.

Sending hope and love.

Demeter said...

Good luck on this one. I am 6 days from the birth of my second..very excited!

Heavy heart said...

Good luck billy! And thanks a ton for your comment..

Dora said...

Billy, I would have sworn you were in my blogroll! I can't believe I've missed all these posts and you've been so supportive to me!

The 2WW is incredibly nerve wracking. Rooting for you!

Oh, and Bleu is right, my friend who just had her baby 4 weeks ago told me her dreams were very different and very vivid during her pregnancy.