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Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Beta Test

No, no, no! I am not about to report a miracle.. But I am glad I did it. It gave me a chance to do a dry run. You see, up till now I did Betas (if I went and did a Beta..) at the fertility clinic. But since I am now doing IVF, I am not their patient anymore. With a referral I can do the u/s and blood work (progesterone and E2) there, but not a Beta (unless I would like to pay for it. well, no thank you). So now I can do the Beta either at the IVF place or at the local lab (an option that was open also before, it just never occurred to me..).

Local lab

-> Well, as the word 'local' might imply, it is local.. In my town, within a walking distance.
-> The results are posted on the web. No human voice on the other side of the line telling me I am not pregnant.
- > Very nice GP, don't think getting referrals for Betas would be a problem (well hopefully I won't see the lovely and charming receptionist again... lol)

-> Does mean I have to go to dr. for a referral.*
-> The result was posted at about 16:00. Not sure how it goes at the IVF place, but at the fertility clinic they would phone with the results at about 13:00. For a person looking from the outside, it may seem like not such a difference, what is three hours.. But well, you know how it is when you are waiting for that Beta, how crazy could three more hours make you..

IVF Place

-> Results are probably in at around oneish (but really not sure about that).
-> No need to get a referral.
-> Don't need to phone IVF place and inform them of the result (and you know how much I hate that!)

->Location. While going there I could do it in one bus, coming back requires three buses.
-> Most likely they phone with the results (In IUI world I avoided Betas if I didn't think I was pregnant just so I wouldn't hear a "no" on the phone)

So if I summarize, I think I much prefer the local option. And as I did a dry run and now know when to expect an answer, it will probably be easier. Just keep busy until about 16:00..

* To answer a comment from previos post - yes, if it's just a referal you can phone and ask the doctor to prepare it and then just pick it up. But, well... twisted me hates the phone and would really rather go there herself.

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    battynurse said...

    I think I would end up going with the results sooner but then I can drive to the place and it doesn't take me forever. Although if I went to my current RE he's 160 some miles away and that's like a 3 hour drive so I wouldn't go there but in the past he gave me the slip for the lab test and then I went to a lab here and they faxed him results and then he called me. Kinda of weird but basically I'm not very good at waiting.