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Thursday, 9 July 2009

ta tank

So today I went to "fetch" my tank. Yes, I kind of had an idea of what it might be from pictures I saw in some of the blogs. What I didn't take into account is how damn f***ing heavy it is! And please don't forget, I am doing this by bus, well actually buses, three to be exact (yes, very much out of the way this IVF place) and let me add two more words - hot & humid. And of course there was walking between bus stops. So really not a delight. Getting off the last bus, having the last stretch to walk (without the heavy load and in a cooler temp - 7 minutes or less), you can guess how happy I was to see a shopping cart standing there on the grass under a tree. Of course I grabbed it! (there's no shop any where near there, so I wasn't nicking it from a store or something)

Tomorrow I'm supposed to take tank to a tour - first to the sperm bank, then to IVF place. Arrggg... Well. I just had to ask for help here! So asked sister #1, and since she needs to be at place X at a certain time and later on at place Y, she mentioned having her daughter (who's 20) helping - daughter will drive mother (and me) to place X, then take me and my tank to the bank (with Frank on a plank?) then come back to pick up her mother. A solution which of course I would have grabbed with both my hands. But... hmmm... problem is I haven't yet told niece about trying to conceive and not that I'm doing it using donor sperm. I do want to have a talk with her and two other of my nephews (ages 18 and 13, the rest are mostly too young or don't live here). I want them to know that it's not something I am ashamed of, that the father issue is not this dark secret - wouldn't like my child growing up with that in his background! But I think I would rather tell them once I'm pregnant, and not before (though I wouldn't be surprised if they already know something, that's why I empathized that I haven't told her..). So having her take me to the sperm bank and then to IVF place - could be quite awkward (also, take into account the difference between telling at leisure in your own time, and doing so out of circumstances). Luckily sis#1 and I will manage by ourselves. Another phew off my chest..

Now hoping hard they don't tell me to have another scan/blood work tomorrow, as that would completely ruin our plans.


calliope said...

cracking UP over your tank in the shopping cart! How smart of you!! I can not believe you lugged that beast on and off 3 buses- go you!
getting super excited for you.

battynurse said...

The tank is actually smaller than some of the ones I've gotten. The shopping cart though was pure genius. Glad you found it.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

What amazing biceps you must have!

Matches your brain power.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have my respect! Thank goodness for the shopping cart! :) And thank goodness for your sister!

Seed Monkey said...

Hmmm, can you keep beer in that tank? ;)

Good luck!

Meg said...

The tank in the cart is hysterical!