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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Show & Tell #5

Show and Tell

So finally I too have a little pile of meds to show off! And yes, I know it is little (though I must say that I was in kind of a shock when the pharmacist came back with a basket full..) in regards to the piles I've seen on other blogs :-D. But I think it's because I'm on a short protocol, and well I do have a drug missing - Menopur. Seems that besides having an approval for IVF in general, you also need for some of the meds. I am a bit worried about it because I've read now that they don't easily give these approvals. Well, all I can do now is hope for the best.
I am also a bit worried regarding the gonal-f. Since I still had a pen of 300 (dr. wanted 187.5 for 4 days, i.e 750 units), he gave me a prescription for a 450 pen (at first he wanted to give me one for the 900). I thought I will start taking it on day 3, but they told me to start taking it yesterday (CD2) and have a scan and blood work on Fri. I just hope I have enough stuff (will try using a syringe).
Oh and if I'm on the worried mode, then there's also the Cetrotide. On the way home from the pharmacy I looked at the instructions. I think I'll manage with - use yellow needle for this and other for that and all that's involved in preparing it (yes, the easiness of gonal makes one somewhat spoilt...), but then they say (after you inserted needle into self) to pull back the planger and if there's blood it's no good, to throw it away and start from scratch. Is that (having blood) something that happens often (and I must be very careful, maybe go and have a nurse show me first how to) or is it a rare thing they just have to warn about and if I know how to with the gonal, I should be o.k here? [Not worried about the blood, but about having to throw the vial away and use a new one].

Before I carry on to the second part of my show & tell, why don't you hop along to Mel's blog and see what the rest of the class is showing*?

I am sorry that I don't remember on what blog I saw this mantra [so if it was from your blog please tell me so I'll be able to give you credit!], but I really liked it. I don't usually do mantras (well never actually..), not for any particular reason except laziness (and maybe not fully believing they could change things?). But as I said, I really liked this and I am very positive about this cycle, so I'm giving it a go.

It says:
To you, my child, my body is open.
To you, my child, my heart is open.
To you, my child, my mind is open.
By all there is and all there will,
In my arms you will be.

* Hope I got the link o.k as I am a bit ealry for class..


Mrs. Gamgee said...

I hope that all goes well for you this cycle... I haven't had to do the injections, and I know I'm more than a little intimidated by it. I know that Mel has some video links on her blog about how to do it, and how to get through it with as little pain as possible.

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!

PS - I love your turtles!

JW Moxie said...

Much luck and well-wishes for your upcoming cycle!

I love the mantra!

Kristin said...

Good luck. I hope this is the only pile of meds you have to look at for a while.

Cara said...

Here's to a productive cycle and I LOVE that mantra. I particularly love it for the long term meaning it has even after your baby comes to you.

The Steadfast Warrior said...

Good luck with this cycle. We're all rooting for you!!

What a great mantra. It's good to have somehting you can say to place your heart and mind in sync sometimes.

areyoukiddingme said...

Great mantra! I hope all those meds serve you well.

Anonymous said...

I love the mantra. Love it. And I agree with Cara that it will be a good one for even after your baby comes to you.

..al said...

All the very best for the upcoming cycles...

Lesser medicines, more fun! As long as whatever you have works out perfectly effective, the shorter the quantity will always work better...

Good Luck!

battynurse said...

So are they having you give the cetrotide in the muscle? I did mine sub q in the back of my arm. Yes technically if you pull back the plunger and get blood (which is rare) you should toss and start over but with the cost of these meds I wouldn't. I'd pull the needle out, change needles and then use the same medication. It's your own blood so shouldn't be a huge deal. Good luck.

IF Optimist, then... said...

Sending a wish that your cycle is trouble-free and has a great result. Thanks for sharing the mantra, it is really lovely.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

That, dear Billy, is a beautiful mantra.

I said a Sanskrit mantra around a set of japa mala beads while waiting for my son. He showed up 9 months after I began mantra-ing.

May yours have the same effect.

Rachel said...

I hope all the pokes and prods lead to a BFP soon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your cycle and the mantra is beautiful

princessoftides said...

What battynurse said. Exactly.

Good luck!!