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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

more numbers

R - 12, 15, 16, 16, 17
L - 13, 15, 16, 17, 18
lining - 8

I think Right heard me praising Left and decided to show me.. Though it does somewhat puzzle me - I can understand the 12 that wasn't counted on Sunday, as it must have been in the 'under ten' category, but from where did the other (presumably the 15) come!?

And.. the cetrotite is to prevent me ovulating, right? Because 17,18 is just about ovulation for me and I so don't need the stress of ovulating this week. Sunday (actually, I believe they do IVFs also on Saturdays [yay for that!], so - ) Saturday and onwards will be fine.
And why will it be stressful if done earlier you ask :-). Well for two reasons:
1. Unlike up till now where I brought my own thermos to the bank (bank #1) in which they put the sperm to take to the clinic or just been given it in a paper bag (bank#2), I am now asked to first go to the IVF place, pick up some kind of tank (for a very high deposit, I hope it won't be something I'll be embarrassed to go on a bus with) and then go get the sperm and return the tank [I believe I didn't mention how out of the way this IVF place, not looking forward for this going and coming maneuver!]. Anyway since I was told I need to give a week's notice when I want the tank, we decided (back when I just began, not knowing when exactly will be "a week before") that this weekend should be good timing, so I'm scheduled to get the tank on Thurs and return it with the sperm on Fri. I'm sure if I end up needing it earlier, I could ask, and I'm sure it will be able to be arranged, but the stress involved..
2. Ended up asking sister #3 to take me to IVF (both for retrieval and transfer). She mentioned she has something this Thursday and I said - no problem, it won't be before Sunday. I suppose if it will be earlier than what I predicted, I could ask sister #1, but I would prefer not having to ask at the last minute..


Peta-maree said...

Those are fantastic numbers. I have everything crossed that it all works out for you this week. It is your turn. I have seen a picture of the tank and it is not small so I hope that is not to heavy if you need to carry it on the bus.


Anonymous said...

You're getting so close! It's so exciting! Good luck with schlepping your sperm tank (lol) on the bus. :)

SprtsGrl said...

Great numbers!When is your transfer? You and I seem to be on the same time frame. Good luck!

Billy said...

Yes, just about the same time :-)