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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

ICLW (welcome to my blog:-))

So.. time again for ICLW :-) I don't participate every month, so when I do I think it should be great fun!! Up till now I haven't been doing introductions like I saw so many others do, this month I'm going to give it a go..
Last month I saw (actually I think I may have seen it before, but back then I wasn't going to do one myself, so it doesn't count..) a way of introduction I liked - for every letter of the ABC, writing something about me or my blog. Well, I'm gonna do my list in Hebrew - a. because I can; b. because there are 22 letters in Hebrew, so 4 less letters to break my head on (and believe me, there are some letters.... in fact there is still one problematic letter!); c. No X!

א - Ima (mummy)
Isn't it a sweet word.. And well since my whole blog is about my journey to motherhood (and of course once I reach it, about being a mother), what could be more appropriate than that word to open the list?

ב - blog (yep we also say blog in He..)
Blogging, such a wonderful thing! How great we live in an age where anyone can post their thoughts and feelings and people from far and away can read and relate and respond and the world just becomes this small little village :-)

ג - gil (age)
I am 39 years old, or as the clinics like to put it - 39.1 (actually, point two by now..).

ד - dimayon (imagination)
Have lots of it! Just bought a book about guided imagination (though I haven't yet opened it..), so that will be interesting. [I have experienced something or rather here and there in group situations, but a. I think solo is better; b. I hate hate hate to be told to close my eyes. I hate closing my eyes in public plus I really don't need to, as my imagination works just fine with eyes opened or closed.

ה - hazraot shmo'ne (eight inseminations)
I have done eight inseminations. Out of which I had two chemicals (though I didn't do a Beta or a HPT for the second, I know without a doubt that it was..). I was quite lucky that it was short, getting my period within days (probably helped that I wasn't on progesterone support).
My first four were natural unmedicated cycles, and then the next four were medicated (gonal-f).

ו - ve'IVF ehad (and one IVF)
Just had my first IVF, in fact I'm now in the middle of the tww.. well, actually passed the middle (did you know this strange and bizarre fact that if I go over the dates today [how long ago I had the transfer, the insemination retrieval!, triggered], then by morrow those numbers only shift by one digit??? And worse, if I do so in the morning and then at night then there's no change at all??)

ז - zera torem (donor sperm)
Trying to become a mother using donor sperm. An anonymous donor in my case.

ח - ha'tulim (cats)
Cats cats cats cats, too many cats here. I am dying to get rid of most of them (and to be left with just Jupiter and Michelle), but I don't seem to be able to do so. I am concerned about it.

ט - teva (nature)
I am a nature girl :-) I just love nature so much. My ideal home would be in the country, far from all the noise and dirt and smoke and all other evils of cities. Birds singing, dogs free to play, trees, plants etc etc etc.

י - yehidanit mibhira (single [mother] by choice)
Trying to become a single mother by choice. Another greatness of the era in which we live - just because I'm not with a partner, doesn't mean I am doomed to be childless. Today more and more woman are going this route, in fact younger and younger women are turning to this option which is great in so many ways (higher chances of success; a younger mother; enough time to add a sibling, etc.).

כ - ???
Do I write about everyone or about how many/much/long? Maybe about some pain or ache? About my dog I used to have (She was such an amazing thing. She died more than three years ago, and I still miss her so much). About money? About tools or pillows?? Couldn't find something worth writing here..

ל - le'at (slow/ly)
I do everything so slowly, too slowly. It's not that I'm zen or calm or the likes, it's that I'm such a terrible procrastinator!

מ - mishpaha (family)
My family is very important to me, they play an important role in my life. Funny, growing up my family was really not a pretty sight, but somehow nowadays.... (and not that there isn't still grea room for improvement, but still..). I have 4 sisters and a brother, each so very different from me (and from each other), I often wondered if instead of being born to the same parents, they would have been my class mates if we would have been friends, and I would have to answer that probably not, but being my siblings.. Well I am glad they are who they are :-).

נ - neh'mada (nice)
Yeah, I think I'm a nice person :-).

ס - sakranit (curious)
Oh, I am such a curious person! I love to learn and find out and discover!

ע - ekronot (principles)
I am that annoying person who has these principles, "oh, you and your principles" I am told.. But I am grateful I am such a person. These principles will be by me side by side raising my kids. Now I'm not saying that whatever principle you have, you must always stick to it. One can change, evolve, have a new understanding.

פ - pashtida (quish)
My faviourite food, especially onion quiche.

צ - tzofa (an observer)
Goes with being curious, I love watching people. Sitting on the bus, looking outside into the street, and just watching passersby. I think blogs do the same thing - looking into other people's lives. I (mostly) can't see who is behind the keyboard, but I can see the words that are written. And yes, unlike watching people in the street were I'm completely passive, here I do play an active role, but I still think it's another form of observing the world :-).

ק - kri'a (reading)
Love reading. We just had book's week in which books are sold at a big reduction (and that continues beyond the said week..), and yes I couldn't resist buying some books. I am, though, a slow reader.

ר - regisha (sensitive)
I am a very sensitive person, probably over sensitive, which does cause me to be the reverse sometimes - numb like over feelings.

ש - shketa (quiet)
I am a very quiet person :-)

ת - tmima (naive)
Yes, I'm naive too (too naive).


gwinne said...

What a great introduction. Wishing you well on this IVF. I'm about two weeks behind you...

twondra said...

Love the introduction! Very cool! Good luck! I wish you the best!




Kiki said...

love the intro! good luck with the rest of your 2WW!!


..al said...

Awesome introduction! I love it!

All the best!

P.S. I too have my children's names picked out.


EEMiles said...

Great intro!!! Good luck with the TWW!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving that you did this in Hebrew! Very cool. Crossing my fingers for you for this IVF.

Kristin said...

I love the ABCs of Me intros and it is beyond cool that you did it in Hebrew.

Liddy said...

I LOVED your introduction. I might have to do that for next month ICLW.

Good luck with the rest of your 2WW. I wish you the very best!

Stopping by for an ICLW visit...
No. 95: The Unfair Struggle (male-factor infertility, good friends, neighborhood rumblings)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Love it in the Hebrew!

Cara said...

That is one of the coolest abc intros I've ever seen! I can't wait to find out what the tww brings you!!


theworms said...

Great intro, very creative. GL with this cycle, I hope the remainder of your 2ww passes quickly.


Wishing 4 One said...

Boy that was an awesome intro! I should do mine in Arabic next time, naw...you are too good girl! ICLW

Unknown said...

Hebrew, huh? I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

So very creative. I love the ICLW intro. Sending you tons and tons of luck for a happy ending to the TWW.

Echloe said...

That is a really cool way to do your intro.


Katie said...

Very cool ;)
Good luck in your 2WW!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

That is a neat way to do a intro. It is nice t meet you and I hope your IVF turns into your dream!


grace said...

This was a really cool was to do this.

Good luck with the remainder of your 2WW!


daega99 said...

Hello! I loved your intro!

Thanks for visiting my blog! All the best during the rest of your 2WW.

ICLW #53