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Saturday, 8 November 2008

/\Technical Question\/

Last night I added a blogroll. Unfortunately (in my eyes, of course), I can't get it aligned. It drives me crazy that blogs with long names that continue into the next row start under the bulleted diamond, instead of under the word above them [hope I'm understood, because I can't even put here an example since extra spaces are condensed].

A few options I thought of:
  • Reducing the size of the font. Looking how to do that, I finally found how to reduce the size of the date (why is the default date so huge??) which was also something that bugged me. But couldn't find how to do it to my links. Besides, will that really help? And if there is a very long blog name, does that mean I should minimize the font to an unreadable size?!
  • Thought of maybe "cutting" long names and giving them each a link. For example - if I take the blog "CouldYouMaybe Baby" in which the word baby goes on to the next line, I could create a link with the wording "CouldYouMaybe", and right underneath it another link with just "Baby". And yes, this solution sounds pretty stupid to me, and I don't even know if it is possible to have different links to the same source.
  • Another option might be to remove the bullet signs, because the text is aligned with the bullet, so there is alignment going on, just not how I fancy it.. Except I have completely no idea how to do so.
  • Any other options?


And while I'm at it, a question about sitemeter. A couple of weeks ago I tried adding sitemeter, but I can't seem to understand how to do it. I am stuck at instruction #5:

Blogger.com Instructions These are the instructions for adding a SiteMeter web counter and tracker to your Blog.
1. Select the HTML code in the box (below)
with your mouse.
2. Copy it to the clipboard.(Press the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time.)
3. Login to Blogger.
4. From the dashboard, click on the Layout link for your blog (the link may also say Template on some dashboards).
5. On the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page, click on the Edit HTML link.
6. On the "Edit Template" section, you will want to scroll to the very bottom and find the tag.
7. Paste the SiteMeter HTML right above the tag.
8. Press the Save Template button to add SiteMeter to your blog.
9. Press the View Blog button. The SiteMeter logo should be visible on the bottom of your page.

Does anyone have a clue how to add the sitemeter?


Fat Chick said...

Sorry - no clue. This is why I don't have a blogroll! I'm having problems with sitemeter, too. I think Google Analytics is better, certainly easier to install.

Dora said...

I like statcounter. Their website was easy to navigate.

For the Long Haul said...

I just looked and your blogroll looks great. Funny, I never even thought about mine. Just copied from my google reader and hit post. Speaking of, I need to go back and add your blog. Thanks for adding mine to your blogroll. (And good luck this month!)

Billy said...

Did it!!!

(could have sworn I left here a comment before, something about not succeeding even with the google stats..)

I've alreay given up and was just touring the "add gadget", when I saw it!
Though I did register to the google stat. I guess I'll give this one a go, and maybe later on I'll check the google one.