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Sunday, 5 July 2009

My scan

She started of with my right ovary, pausing after dictating first number to the typist, which got me thinking things aren't too bright. Ended up having three there, so not too bad.
Then came my left ovary, which as usual rocks!

on the right I have: 12,13,14
on the left I have :10,12,12,13,13
lining: 6.5
I think I'm pleased :-)

And then there was the blood draw. Nice nurse on seeing my arm said - 'oh, I see they always take blood from this spot. Why don't we give it a bit of a rest and draw the blood from another spot?' Yeah, of course she meant well and she was only thinking of me, but from my experience, when they say lets find another place, that other place is going to hurt! Not to mention that she had me pumping, and I hate pumping.. (somehow the nurses who usually take my blood [today's nurse was not one of the regulars], though I have small veins* don't ask me to pump [and of course do it where it doesn't hurt..]. At the lab [not the clinic], btw, they always take blood from me with a butterfly [if it's also called so in English, the one used for little kids!]).

* When I used to donate blood (don't anymore not for lack of want) on seeing my veins, they would make me pump and pump and pump and pump (at least today it was just a few squeezes). Sometimes they gave me a ball, usually not, and that was the worst part of it all..

EDT: for the person who googled: "single mom" ivf -octuplets - not all us single mum's to be are crazy, in fact most of us aren't.. And I might as well add and tell you how boring I will be to be returning only one or two embryos!


battynurse said...

Those sound good to me. Go ovaries!!
I have a couple of great veins that I know exactly where they are but they aren't visible, you have to feel them. I know though some people are bugged by me telling them where to go so I try not to. I don't always succeed but I try not to tell them what to do.

calliope said...

fantastic scan!!!! woooo!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I feel silly asking, but can you please explain the scan and numbers? I just don't understand them. :)

Dora said...

That's a great scan!! I have a feeling you're going to be pregnant soon!!

Billy said...

Hey Sarah, not silly at all!

The scan is a vaginal ultrasound that is done to see the size and amount of the follicles and the size of the lining.

The follicle is where the egg resides. The follicle grows and grows during the follicle stage (the time from when you get your period until you ovulate, around mid cycle) until it pops, releasing the egg (egg is released when follicle is between sizes [plus-minus] 18-24, but of course for each woman it's individual).

I don't know how things are done in the U.S, I understand that every scan costs and are not cheap so the ovulation is predicted via OPKs which I guess is also a great way to predict ovulation.

Oh, and since I'm doing an IVF cycle and taking hormones to stimulate follicles to grow, the more the merrier (so the numbers in my post indicate that I have 8 follicles growing), but usually one has only one follicle (maybe two if twins) growing.

Billy said...

OPKs - in normal (unmedicated) cycles that is!