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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

To Test or Not To Test

I am both very much doubting it worked but at the same time still clinging on to hope that it did. I am not asking in general whether to test - since it is IVF and I'm on support, I will be doing a Beta, but that will be on Sunday. I am wondering whether to buy tomorrow a HPT and test Fri morning (hmmm... if I do buy a HPT, probably a pack of two, I doubt if I will be able to resist testing once I get home..), or to just wait for the Beta.

The thing is I have no signs, not that I was expecting any at this early stage, except for a very very very mild soreness in my nipples. And I know from last time that that is the sign I am searching for, that if something it will be my nipples. But it is so weak, a tiny bit stronger now at night (I can vaguely feel something sitting), but during the day I had to lie on my back to feel some small itch/tickle like sensation, if at all. It started (the so called "soreness") last night, and I was thinking that it is still early [yesterday was 7dp3dt wait! I thought I was 12 days today, obviously included the day of the transfer in my counting.. And to think that just today I read a post about someone who did the same mistake counting from her IUI!!! In her case it was errrr as it meant another day to wait. In my case it's actually making me feel better, as anyway Sunday is the day of the Beta, but at least I know that I'm a bit earlier than what I thought.. See, was worth sitting and writing this post if only to make such a discovery! lol].

So I am feeling a bit of soreness, but I can't help asking myself - is it real? Am I so focusing, so wanting it that I'm making myself feel it? But mainly - does it have to do with the progesterone I'm taking? Because progesterone is the hormone that causes soreness in the boobs (well at least as far as I know), so if I wouldn't be trying or anything and just taking prog for two weeks three times a day, I might also feel something in my boobs, no? Or maybe I'm talking rubbish here?

I think what I was beginning to say before is that I was only going to buy a HPT if I felt there's a chance I might be pregnant. But then Sunday is my Beta, results probably in the afternoon. Sunday afternoon... happens to be when my brother and his family (who don't live in Israel, but are coming here for a holiday) are coming over to my mum's and all the family. I really do not want to hear a negative in such a situation (you try keeping me away from the computer to see the result!). If it is going to be a negative, I need my space and time to cry and be miserable. And I guess if the HPT is a negative, then Sunday's negative (yes, if) won't catch me by surprise.

Well I suppose I should say thank-you for listening. So will buy me some tests tomorrow..


Beautiful Mess said...

Happy ICLW!

Oh I've got SO many fingers crossed for you! I hope you won't be disappointed when you test.

Kate said...

Hey there Billy, thanks for stopping by my blog!
And first, progesterone alone will not cause new symptoms part way through your wait-- so if something is new, nipple sensation or whatever, I'd pay attention!
and at 7dp3dt-- you're 10 days into this and an early test might show something if you had an early-ish implantation. So
if it were me? I'd be peeing on the stick, but also knowing that a negative now may not really mean negative.

Good luck to you! Hope you get a positive whenever you do test,


battynurse said...

Thinking of you and hoping that you have a positive. I remember wanting so bad to feel something that would make me think that yes, I was pregnant. However I also know that many people who are pregnant really don't feel anything so early. Hoping that the nipple soreness is a sign and that you are pregnant though and good luck with the testing.

Jessica White said...

Good luck! I'm hoping your sore boobies are definitely a sign that things are going well and a BFP is imminent. Enjoy the time with your family:-)

ICLW #117

SprtsGrl said...

Good luck!! Wishing you the best please post right away!

Jennifer said...

I have all my fingers crossed for you - I hope the soreness is a sign of a BFP! (ICLW)

calliope said...

hoping like a mofo, sweetie!!

Furrow said...

Oh, I'm so hoping for you! If you test, let us know. Ok?

EC said...

Good luck! I would be dying with anticipation!!!

Anonymous said...

good luck, thinking of you so much this week :)

(Thanks for the shout-out on the "round-up!")

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Here from ICLW...

I've had cycles where I tested and cycles where I didn't. Either way, the wait was torture. If it's positive, it's great to find out early, but if it's negative (as most of my cycles were), the continued uncertainty was quite unhelpful for my mental health.

Whatever you do, good luck!

Flutterby918 said...

Hey Billy, thanks for stopping by my blog and the encouraging words. I loved your intro by the way, very creative! I wish I knew what to tell you. I haven't made it to beta with an IVF yet, but I would like to think that I would wait - those medicines can play crazy tricks on you, but I understand not wanting to be surprised and down when your family comes IF it's bad news. GL on Sun whatever you decide ((HUGS))