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Friday, 31 July 2009

Honest Scrap - Take 2

Becoming Whole awarded me (thanks!) this Honest Scrap award more than a week ago. Didn't want to do it while ICLW was on, and then I was a little down over the negative. So here I am now.

I have done this meme not so long ago, so I won't be doing it again now (but if you really really have nothing more interesting to do and are curious as to what nonsense I wrote, you may look in the March archives).
But, back then I didn't tag anyone to join along on the meme, and I felt kind of bad about that (especially as this meme is called an award..). I know not everyone likes doing a meme, and I try not to tag people I know don't like memes, but it is still not nice not to tag anyone..

So.. the rules:
1. Choose 7 blogs you would like to give the award to.
2. Show their names and links on your blog, and leave a comment in their blog to let then know they received the award.
3. Write 7 or 10 (depends on which version one goes) honest things about yourself.

drums........ And the Honest Scrap award goes to..... drums......
  1. My sister Debbka, who quite recently I discovered has a blog here in Blogger, but hasn't written anything in it (or worse - hasn't drawn!).
  2. Calliope who recently mentioned not getting memes, so here's one for you :-) [although your last two lists, where people ask and you answer, are definitely better!]
  3. Jackie
  4. SprtsGrl
  5. The Single Hussy
  6. Fat Chick
  7. if you would like to do this meme, and I haven't tag you, then consider yourself tagged!


Anonymous said...

Totally didn't realize that you had already been "scrapped!" Oops!

Billy (who is not on her computer and is too lazy to sign in to her google account) said...

Not something you should have known or realized, as I believe it was from the time before you started reading my blog.
As I mentioned in the post, I did feel bad after that meme for not tagging anyone, so I saw it as an oppertunity to ammend a wrong (not that I managed to tag 7 people, but well, better than nothing..).
But maybe I should appologize for not really doing it. Because I love memes as they are usually fun to do, but mainly because it means someone tagged me! [being a very not sociable creature, some things will always overwhelm me]